18 January 2013

Raphael: One Month

I can safely say I missed blogging for the last (almost) month. But what I did instead was much, much, much better. 

It included this:

And this:

And a little of this:

And a few of these:

And time with friends:

I have neglected my blog, I know, but the time spent with my little guy was so worth it.
Our first month was spent cuddling, taking baths, talking walks, taking naps and eating (so much eating!).

 I absolutely love being a mom. Even one month in, deciding to become parents is one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made.

That being said, living on 6 hours of broken sleep at a time can be difficult. Phew.  I never thought I had the ability to wake every 2 hours to feed a hungry, crying child. I am getting used the schedule, which includes many naps. I enjoy all my hours nursing Raphael, but I get tired too. The first few days were rough. Not to mention that nursing makes you feel 20 pound heavier on top. 

Raphael had some jaundice, hence the light bright picture above, for the first few days of life. After a few blood test we got to get rid of the light, thank goodness. 

ok back to the baby. more post soon!

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