20 January 2013

Back to Blogging & 2013 Goals, Part 1

Oh hello there blog readers! It's been a while.

Rest assured I haven't been just lounging around the couch eating bon bons (that was the last 10 months). Taking care of a very tiny human takes up a very large portion of my day. I swear the day needs just a few more hours in it so I can get things do. Like that laundry that needs to be done.

I keep thinking of topics to write about. And then not writing. It's a bad cycle.

Before I go too far, here is what I have been doing:

This was us before a walk. He looks pleased.

Often we do this.

My tiny human fast asleep while I have my hands free.
I absolutely love being a mother and a wonderfully long maternity leave has allowed me to be a stay at home mother since he was born. Thank goodness. I need some time to figure all this out.

Mainly how to accomplish anything when your son needs to eat every two hours. And how to change over 12 diapers in a day.

Never the less, I have found that I need time for myself too. I plan on continuing to write on here, keep things updated and make an effort to carve out some me time.

This year is going to be very different. Full of new challenges and wonderful memories. I am not sure what this year will hold, but my goal is to make it easier to enjoy these moments that will go by so quickly. I am making my 2013 goals to reflect both the changes in my life and those to come.

Before I go on about about new goals, how about a review of 2012 goals?

The original post can be found here.

1. still working on. having a baby does not help this goal but I try.

2. did pretty well on this. especially in the home decor area, I didn't purchase any Christmas decorations. We received a few ornaments, but no large decorations.

3. yup. this is still part of my daily routine. I enjoy doing chores this way, plus I have between 30-40 minutes during nap time right now to get things do so this works wonders.

4. kinda of. I need to update the book now and throw away irrelevant papers. I would call this a work in progress...

5.  did. well. Even while pregnant for most of the year, I took lots of time to take walks, spend time with friends and family, cook a little more and visit new places. It was great!

6. Lose 10 lbs? How about gain 50 lbs? This was was not accomplished. Not even close. But I am ok with that. 

7. Amen sister friend. Just in the last month or so I have greatly reduced my wardrobe and got rid of at least 5 pairs of shoes I know I won't wear again. Problem is now I still have three plastic tubs of clothing I don't fit in yet but would like to keep...this maybe an on going process.

So all in all I feel pretty good about these goals. I did not quit trying on any goal and really made progress in leading a cleaner, simpler life. I am really looking forward to building on these goals for 2013.

Stay tuned for part 2!