28 September 2012

On Pregnancy: Things I Miss & Things I Am Nervous About

The husband in action. Thank goodness I have you!
First, pregnancy is awesome. I hope that every woman who wants to experience it gets a chance. I could not be more happy to be pregnant.


I still miss things. I was thinking about this the other day, wondering how much I really did these things before and if after pregnancy I would still want to do them. Is it because I can't do (or have or feel like doing) that I miss them or do I miss them because they are things I truly enjoy?

Regardless, here is a list of thing I miss:

  • Sushi (sounds so good, guess I could get the veggie only kind...)
  • Road bike riding (I know I can bike ride, but road biking is so much more fun)
  • Running (oh I miss this so much)
  • Coffee (again, I know I could have a little coffee but I tried to cut it out of my diet just to be safe)
  • Coffee creamer (no need to have I guess?!)
  • My old clothes (so sad, they are in a box in a closet)
  • My old shoes (darn you swollen feet)
  • My feet (wish I could reach them)
  • Sweating (goes along with running and biking)
  • Tuna melts (nothing taste as good as with tuna fish than mayo! )
In the list making mood I am in (which is a sign of type A personality I think), here are things I am nervous about (and would welcome any free advice for)

  • Labor. Um yes. How big? Fit where? When? How long? Oh my goodness. The more I read the more I am terrified. I hate to be so doom & gloom about this but it does not sound fun. Once I had a kidney stone (yes, like an old person) and the nurse told me it was worse than giving birth. I hope that is true. On the flip side, one pregnancy book told me if I am positive throughout the entire experience it will go a lot smoother. Uh huh.
  •  Breastfeeding. Never done it. Rarely seen it done. Very nervous about this. I took a class on it last week and I am still nervous. This could be a long first few weeks. I am determined to try it out.
  • Sleeping. My current sleep schedule (8-9 hours on average) still leaves me tired. I can't imagine trying to take care of a tiny human being AND not sleeping. Oh this could get ugly, fast.
And these are only this weeks list of anxieties. I think my whining has increased in the last few months and with that comes anxiety. Thankfully my very rational husband tries to calm me down at least. He is on board with all the decisions so far but like most life events, making plans ahead of time can quickly lead to changing plans in the moment. 

For myself, the best I can do to calm is to focus on relaxing. The husband and I spent most of the afternoon lounging at the beach yesterday. It was a beautiful day, no clouds, a little breeze and perfect temperature. Unwinding after work seems to help too. A quick shower, comfy clothes and some food does the job. I just need to remember to keep calm and everything will be oK!

Let's hope for less pain, more confidence and a little sleep. I would be happy with mediocre sleep I think. 

25 September 2012

Pregnancy: Weeks 31 & 32

This is my best angle!

Weight:  192 lbs. (by the end of week 32 I have gained 49 lbs.)


What I feel: Decent but HUGE! 
The weather has calmed down and the humidity is gone (for this I am SO thankful!). I can wear pants to work without feeling like a sweat ball. I can wear closed toed shoes and leggings, my wardrobe has expanded again! 
I do love fall, the best time of year in the midwest if you ask me. So being pregnant this month feels so much better because I am in a better mood. The last month of summer I started to get pretty cranky. I didn't want to do much (sitting is good) or go outside (that would require actually clothes). Now I feel like heading on walks every evening and making a to do list a mile long. 

Maybe it is the weather or maybe it's the OMG-I-HAVE-8-WEEKS-UNTIL-I-AM-RESPONSIBLE-FOR-ANOTHER-HUMAN-BEING feeling, but I think of a million things I "should" do every day (none of which including sitting around, watching movies and eating bon-bons) on top of all the other "usual" things I do (like sitting around, watching movies and eating bon-bons). Although most of my "usual" per-pregnancy task have been kept, I have scaled down the extra efforts I used to do. I feel some sense of urgency that the bathroom MUST be spotless before the baby comes. As if he even will see the bathtub or ever notice it's cleanliness. I guess it is the true "nesting" gene kicking in.

What I look like:  Big. Bigger than yesterday. And the day before that. I have grown out in front, not too much at the sides thankfully.

I have noticed some pesky stretchmarks lately too. Icky. I did buy some Palmer's coconut cream (although I know it would make them vanish), I am trying to keep my weight in check as we enter the last month. I am walking 2-3 times a week for a half hour plus all the walking I do at work. I often find myself feeling restless and need to get up almost every hour at work. 

Many clothes do not fit. I am down to one pair of pants. I refuse to buy more. I have 8 weeks.  I also refuse to wear sweat pants outside the house or the gym. It might be tight wearing season from here on out.

Oh Things I didn't know about pregnancy until now: Some kind of weird and icky things I would rather not share. If you feel the need you can e-mail me here.

Timeline happenings: Did your hear the one about the baby seat and the two college degree holding soon-to-be parents? 

Yes. This one was a struggle. We are amateurs at parenting. 

We spent about 3 time the amount of time it should take us to figure out we had the base in wrong. No wonder the car set didn't fit. I wish I had a video of this event. I am sure it would be hilarious to watch now. 

We left the base in the car. It will be there until forever now. It is never coming out. Way too difficult. 

Things for Baby: Although I might not have a little one to dress up for Halloween this year I did find a onesie that says "Thankful for Mommy" with cute mommy and baby turkeys on it! I am a sucker for anything holiday related! Oh it is adorable. He will look stunning in it I am sure.
A baby sized rocking chair

Complete with a handmade cushion!

And the Husband says: Anything to make me less cranky. "Yes honey, of course we can put the air on to 65 degrees every day" (Ok, he didn't say that but I assumed), and "You look wonderful no matter what you are wearing" (That one was real).

19 September 2012

Dear Me: A Letter to My Teenage Self

In a long list of my favorite blogs, one of my top read is Chatting at the Sky. Emily Freeman does a wonderful job of putting into words those difficult moments, happy memories and reminders to just be ourselves. I really enjoy her peaceful tone, in a world that seems over stretched it is a breath of fresh air. She is launching a new book: Graceful and wanted to celebrate by having women write letters to themselves. I am hoping on board with 277 other women this week and telling myself a few things.

Dear Teenage Me,

You once wrote a letter in 1st grade to your 12th grade self. That letter, sealed away in your "boxes of life", will be only the beginning. There is so much you are going to learn in the next 6 years!

Even though your teenage years seem to last forever, they will be fleeting. And even now I am not that much older than you but so much will change. And no matter how it looks from the outside sometimes, everything will come as it may.

The long nights spent swooning over heartthrobs, like Freddie Prince Jr., with your best friends will be some of your favorite memories. Spend more time with your girlfriends. They will become amazing women who share so much more than high school memories with you. Your need for them later in life will be great. You will miss them when you move away to college, loose touch with some that don't share your values, but the ones that stick around will be so important.

Stay away from some of those boys. Become friends with them. Don't date them all. Enjoy being a flirtatious woman but don't let any of them hold you down. They won't last (I am sorry to report) and they will treat you like crap some times. Find guys who support you as a friend, not those that need your support. Your ability to help others is not meant to keep you in a relationship where you are doing all the work. Leave him now and never look back. I know this seems harsh, but it will save a lot of heartbreak. Trust me.

Oh, and if something a boy does is against your morals, drop him like a bad habit. I don't care how sweet or cute he is, it is not going to work. You will lose yourself in ways you never imagined. Get out now.

In the meantime, travel as much as possible. Visit every place you can. Take a road trip. Become a part of a mission team. Travel to help others that need it more than you can imagine. Don't let someone or some event stand in your way. You are making your own life plan. Do what feels right. Don't let money or boyfriends stand in your way.

Their will be some very trying times to come. Your faith in the word "family" will become tested. Time and time again you will ask yourself "why is this happening to me?". Do not doubt your gut. If you are scared or lonely or lost, just pray harder. Things will work out because you make choices that are right for you. Even though they seem hard, backwards or just plain suck, make this life yours. Cry your heart out. Then stop. Look around at all that is wonderful and pick yourself up. Do exactly what is best for you, what you want and what you need. Everyone who can't see that will need time. Let them have their space while you build the life you want.

With all that goes on around you in the next 6 years, just remember that there is someone exactly special for you. That man will lift you up and bring you right where you were suppose to always be, next to him. It will always be this way, even when he tells you some hard truths and pushes you to become a better person, he just wants to support you. Support you have been looking for all your life. His words will make you realize that a successful life is not one built with money but with happiness. If you are happy you will be successful. 

He will be the man of your dreams and together you will create a life that is everything you could have hoped for (and oh so much more). He will love you like no one has and will treat you with respect you can only imagine. He will be your best friend.

Don't dye your hair right before Easter. You will look like a sickly blond for many months. It is not your best look.

Make each day count. Spend extra time with your friends. Drive a little further than you need so you can listen to your favorite Yellowcard album. Go to all the football games you want. Eat that hug piece of chocolate cake and love it.

Don't be mad at things you cannot fix. Don't hate your roommate because she struggles with so much. Pray for her, find a new roommate and continue to help where you can (listening is fine, partying with is not).

Those high school things that matter will fade with time. Enjoy them now but keep them in their place. Don't drag the should have, could have, would haves with you. They are great memories but they belong in photo albums not in your current life.

Train a little more in high school. Your running career is just started and it will bring you so much happiness followed with success. You will learn to love it, I promise.

Work hard but not silly. Make all the friends you can. Smile more. Your smile lights up a room, don't let anyone put that down.

Buy a few less pairs of shoes and jeans. Save a little more.

Above all, do not let other people tell you how to live, what was a good choice or what went wrong. Take advice, think deeply about it, and do what is best for you.

I love you teenage self. You are a truly remarkable woman. You will grow into your own skin eventually, I promise.

(And some day when you are a mother-to-be, write a letter to your unborn son and tuck away until he is a teenageager. I think he might need some advice too.)

Love, Yourself.

14 September 2012

Pregnancy: Weeks 29 & 30

I swear the bump is real!

Weight:  190 lbs. (by the end of week 26 I have gained 47 lbs.)

Weeks to Go: 10 Weeks!!! AH!!

What I feel: Anxious. So so so anxious. And a little nervous (Am I going to be a good mother? Wife? Friend?). 

I absolutely cannot wait to meet our little guy. I think about him constantly (mainly praying that everything is going well in there) and all the fun we will have together. I cannot wait to share with him so many memories and stories and love. I have been keeping a journal and baby book about pregnancy so far. I put baby pictures of my husband and I in it, wrote little notes about what has been going on and special gifts we received. I am excited to share this with him one day.

I am trying a new thing: sleeping in while I can! 
I used to get up at 6:30 am, get ready and head to work by 8 am. I am now getting up at 7 am, getting ready and heading to work by 8 am. Although an extra half hour doesn't seem like much, it really makes a big difference in my day. I enjoy the "sleeping in" because 3 pm when I don't feel as tired any more. My husband lovingly (and some time abruptly!) wakes me up at 7 am. There is no better alarm clock. I had to adjust my shower schedule (which for a runner is a weird concept, no run usually = no shower, more on that some other time) and cut back my hair-do time but I am sure these things will be changing again when the baby comes.

What I look like:  Mainly belly. A big belly. Right out there in front. Much of my body pales in comparison to my ever growing bump. It has now started to grow in width (not side to side, but front to back) an an increasing rate. My husband asked again the other day if I was sure there wasn't two in there. I don't think so...

Fall has been gracious to me so far. I am really looking forward to this cool weather. I made it all summer in the heat, a little break near the end would be a welcomed gift.

Also-a word on leggings-they are still not pants. BUT while pregnant they work perfectly under just-too-short-now-that-I-have-a-bump dress and skirts. I am very happy I bought a pair last week. I thought about jeggings but haven't committed yet.

Oh Things I didn't know about pregnancy until now: If you find out you have a type A blood type you get lots of blood work and shots! What fun! Shots in the buttox none the less! 
I had a monthly check up last week and had to get my Rhogam shot. My husband explained that because of my blood type my body could end up fighting off any future pregnancies if our child is a different blood type than I. I get a shot now, and depending on the baby's blood type, one after birth. 

I did have to wait for hours for the lab test to come back that day, but at least being pregnant calls for sympathy from the nurses in the OB/GYN section of the hospital. Bonus: I got a free, personal tour of the labor & delivery rooms! Sweet! They are huge! Plus hubby & baby get to stay with me.

Timeline happenings: Almost to single digits! The end is near, I can feel it. 
These last two weeks have been rough sleeping (even with the magic of the body pillow). The baby is kicking A TON! I mean an somersault every minute when I lay down. Either he is an excellent soccer player already OR gymnast. My goodness. He kept me up way past bed time the other night and recovering takes me two days of napping. 

My bellybutton is almost an outtie! The turkey is almost done!

More and more I keep saying "when I am maternity leave" to my co-workers. I think I am ready for a little break. It will be wonderful to have time with the baby. I am really looking forward to it.

Things for Baby: So many dinosaur things! A bib, clothes, slippers, blankets, toys, you name it we have it in dinosaur theme! So cute!

We received a gift from my husband's best friend this week. He was so thoughtful, he bought 12 month and older clothes. I am sure I will be so thankful for these when the time comes. Although for now they are in a box in the closet, when the time comes I will be glad to have brand new clothes for our little one.

And the Husband says: "Are you sure there aren't two in there?"  While it feels like it some times, I don't think so.

Weekend Links: Things to Let Us Relax

Happy Friday!

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