25 September 2012

Pregnancy: Weeks 31 & 32

This is my best angle!

Weight:  192 lbs. (by the end of week 32 I have gained 49 lbs.)


What I feel: Decent but HUGE! 
The weather has calmed down and the humidity is gone (for this I am SO thankful!). I can wear pants to work without feeling like a sweat ball. I can wear closed toed shoes and leggings, my wardrobe has expanded again! 
I do love fall, the best time of year in the midwest if you ask me. So being pregnant this month feels so much better because I am in a better mood. The last month of summer I started to get pretty cranky. I didn't want to do much (sitting is good) or go outside (that would require actually clothes). Now I feel like heading on walks every evening and making a to do list a mile long. 

Maybe it is the weather or maybe it's the OMG-I-HAVE-8-WEEKS-UNTIL-I-AM-RESPONSIBLE-FOR-ANOTHER-HUMAN-BEING feeling, but I think of a million things I "should" do every day (none of which including sitting around, watching movies and eating bon-bons) on top of all the other "usual" things I do (like sitting around, watching movies and eating bon-bons). Although most of my "usual" per-pregnancy task have been kept, I have scaled down the extra efforts I used to do. I feel some sense of urgency that the bathroom MUST be spotless before the baby comes. As if he even will see the bathtub or ever notice it's cleanliness. I guess it is the true "nesting" gene kicking in.

What I look like:  Big. Bigger than yesterday. And the day before that. I have grown out in front, not too much at the sides thankfully.

I have noticed some pesky stretchmarks lately too. Icky. I did buy some Palmer's coconut cream (although I know it would make them vanish), I am trying to keep my weight in check as we enter the last month. I am walking 2-3 times a week for a half hour plus all the walking I do at work. I often find myself feeling restless and need to get up almost every hour at work. 

Many clothes do not fit. I am down to one pair of pants. I refuse to buy more. I have 8 weeks.  I also refuse to wear sweat pants outside the house or the gym. It might be tight wearing season from here on out.

Oh Things I didn't know about pregnancy until now: Some kind of weird and icky things I would rather not share. If you feel the need you can e-mail me here.

Timeline happenings: Did your hear the one about the baby seat and the two college degree holding soon-to-be parents? 

Yes. This one was a struggle. We are amateurs at parenting. 

We spent about 3 time the amount of time it should take us to figure out we had the base in wrong. No wonder the car set didn't fit. I wish I had a video of this event. I am sure it would be hilarious to watch now. 

We left the base in the car. It will be there until forever now. It is never coming out. Way too difficult. 

Things for Baby: Although I might not have a little one to dress up for Halloween this year I did find a onesie that says "Thankful for Mommy" with cute mommy and baby turkeys on it! I am a sucker for anything holiday related! Oh it is adorable. He will look stunning in it I am sure.
A baby sized rocking chair

Complete with a handmade cushion!

And the Husband says: Anything to make me less cranky. "Yes honey, of course we can put the air on to 65 degrees every day" (Ok, he didn't say that but I assumed), and "You look wonderful no matter what you are wearing" (That one was real).

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