27 October 2012

On Pregnancy: Nesting

This is serious. Nesting is real and virtually uncontrollable for me.

For the last few weeks I have been unstoppable. Ok, not really unstoppable because I get tired and then want to take a 2 hour nap and then I need to eat...but almost.

Every minute of every day could be filled with things around the house I need to do.

Here is just a sampling of all the house things I have done in the last few weeks:

clean the kitchen. everyday.
organized our baby's clothing. several times. i even bought more hangers.
packed and repacked my hospital bag.
vacuumed. several more times than usual.
refused to wash the pots and pans in the dishwasher so i do it by hand.
do laundry like no one's business.
clean out my closet. several times.
cleaned out the basement storage.
spent hours last night cleaning up my computer of old files.
redecorated our living room with a gallery wall. thank you pinterest.
and probably drove my husband nuts in the whole process.
oh and I currently want to clean the fridge. that will happen tonight i am sure.

I feel like everything must be emmaculate before the baby arrives. As if he will even know the space between the stove and the counter isn't clean?!

I think I am ready for this baby. I might drive everyone around me nuts if this continues for 3 whole weeks.

Oh baby.

at least my fridge is clean. 

(oh and thanks for dealing with my random background changes. the other background loaded so slowly! It needed "nesting" help too!)

24 October 2012

A Few Favorites

I started to write a post about things that were annoying me. For some reason I felt annoyed this week. Not sure if my pregnancy hormones are going crazy again or I am just tired, but things kept coming up that I find annoying (like men's socks not matching their dress pants at work. I mean really, is it necessary I worry about this issue?)

Alas, this feeling of annoyance does nothing for my attitude, so I won't feed it this time.  Instead I think I will write about a few favorites, challenging my inner positive feelings.

Beautiful Fall Day in Pennsylvania

a few of my favorites right now:

  • I found this blog somehow, some post within a post maybe? I forget. Regardless, I love her post about post-baby health and weight loss. She is very honest, which is a relief. I know a majority of it disappears after the baby is born, there can be some time before you get back to that magical pre-baby weight. This subject is on my quite a bit now. I want to formulate a working plan and her approach seems really reasonable. I know it will all come off, just a matter of time. 
  • This book. I started listening to it on audiobook while I work from home in the afternoons (thank you pregnancy, at least I can be home in my sweatpants and a little bit more comfortable). Another reminder that a journey with no end is ok.
  • Fuzzy Socks. It is getting cold out there! My body is hot (oh thank you baby)but my feet are cold. Thank you fuzzy socks.
  • Our baby's name. Which is a secret until the big day but lets just say I LOVE IT! I am so excited to meet him, finally! 
  • Fall. Really could there be a better season? Some days are sunny and beautiful, others are cold and rainy. Perfect for long walks and eating a homemade batch of soup (check, did both of these things this week!)

21 October 2012


A beautiful, non-busy day at Lake Erie

Some days what I need to hear hits me directly in the face.

For instance, I have been getting lots of phone calls, text, and e-mails asking how I am doing. All things considered, I am doing great! I am almost 37 weeks pregnant and very healthy. 

But when I reply to an e-mail, text or phone call I always say I am busy. It is 9 times out of 10 my first response. As if the first thing on my mind is my busy-ness. 

Which is not true.

I am working 40 hours a week still, yes sometimes that is busy, but I have given up a lot of my work to my co-worker who will be filling in for me.

I am pregnant, so yes once a week I have to go to doctor's visits. Oh and I like to sleep 12 hours a night.

I am married,  so yes I cook and clean and help my husband but lets face it, I AM PREGNANT. I clean the minimum I can to get by and make sure my house doesn't smell funky. I am not "Susie homemaker" right now.

To sum that all up, it really means I AM NOT THAT BUSY!

I come home, take a nap, eat and then read or watch some television. 3-4 days a week I walk about 20-30 minutes after work. And this is about it.

So why do I say I am busy?

Do I feel like I should be busy? As if being pregnant is not enough for me? As if I am trying to be busy to not be something else? Or not deal with things, emotions or people? Is this really all a front?

I really hate to admit this, but yes I think my busy response relates to all of those. 

I don't want to be busy. I don't want to be lazy either, I want a happy medium. One where I get things done I need to but also realize that it is completely ok to sit for hours talking to a friend or reading a good book. 

That's where I got hit directly in the face. 

I have been spending more time browsing the internet due to new internet usage around our household (we used to have a limited amount of internet. bad idea. don't do that). I find myself reading some great articles, listening to great podcast or internet radio stations and then finding awesome blogs to follow. 

Then I stumbled upon this.
And this.
And then this

So really, why do I think I am busy? 

This topic really hit home for me this week. I know I should be more mindful. Take in every moment, they are fleeting. And deal with an people, emotions or scary thoughts upfront. There is no need to hide in being busy. I don't want to. I don't need to.

I think it will take some more introspection. I am sure things in my life will change whenever, if ever, our baby is here. Maybe then I will know busy.

So for now, if you ask, no I am not busy. 

18 October 2012

Pregnancy: Weeks 35 & 36

And a baby will make three!

Weight:  198 lbs. (by the end of week 36 I have gained 55 lbs.)

Weeks to Go: 4 (A MONTH!!!)

What I feel: Big. Tired. Cranky.
Pregnancy, in all it's glowing and beauty, is starting to wear me down. I am still working 40 hours a week and by the time 5 pm rolls around I am done. Very often in these last few weeks I have been coming home, eating, sleeping, waking up for a few hours, eating again and going back to bed. I am exhausted. Next week I am going to work half a day in the office and half the day at home, where I least I can work in my p.j.'s AND put my feet up. They are killing me.

Phew. Are we done yet?

What I look like:  Bigger. I swear there is no more room to go but he keeps growing. I cannot see my feet any longer.

Oh and clothes. Don't. Fit. 
Tops are too short, pants don't cover my belly. Some days I think I look like a hot mess.

Oh Things I didn't know about pregnancy until now: We had an ultrasound at week 34 and found out the baby was 5 lbs. 1 oz.. Go team Albano for making a strong little guy!

And then the nurse told me he could gain up to a pound a week. 

A what? A pound a week? 

Now I know they said up to, so he could gain half a pound for all I know. But seriously? That doesn't alarm anyone? The nurse told me he will be strong and healthy. Like heck he will, he'll be a freaking body builder if he gets to 11 lbs (6 weeks left at that time x 1 lb. per week = 6 lbs. + already 5 lbs. = 11 lbs.). Say it with me now, my goodness!!

I am praying for a healthy baby no matter what, but 11 lbs. sounds outrageous. 
Oh. My.

Timeline happenings: I think I am driving myself nuts with trying to figure out when this bundle of joy will be in my arms. I keep trying to estimated, calculate and analyze when I think he will be here.

He will come when he is ready. I have to deal with that.

Things for Baby: We now have a bouncy seat, a pack n' play, stroller and car seat sitting in our living room waiting for baby. And this ends the having fragile things in our living room phase for a long time.

And the Husband says: One day I was experiencing some contractions (most likely the Braxton-Hicks kind) and I e-mailed my husband telling him I felt a few faint ones. He stopped by my work on his way home to make sure I was ok. He rushed in, probably thinking the worst, like my water had also broken in the time I e-mailed him and the time he got there. Nope, just little contractions getting me ready for the big day.

 I think he is getting pretty excited (and a little nervous). 

13 October 2012

From Pinterest to Practical: Wine Toppers

Ok, I have officially jumped on the Pinterest DIY bandwagon. And I love it.

Obsessed might be the best word to describe my current interest in DIY crafts actually! Between thoughts of babies and delivery, I dream about the next project I can accomplish.

This week I tackled one of the easier projects, wine toppers made with old tops from trophies. It was the perfect project for getting rid of some trophies collecting dust in our basement and making Christmas presents. I am going to pair a few of these toppers with some local wine and ta da- instant Christmas gift.

I didn't come up with the project idea (click here if you want the directions) so I won't explain how to do it, but I wanted to let you know how it went.

The only supplies you need are:
  • drill with interchangeable bits
  • old trophies
  • wine corks

I had my husband drill the holes  (I don't do too well with power tools), then simply screwed on the toppers. It really was that simple! Easy-peasy! This was about a 10 minute project with almost fool-proof results. Highly recommended!!!

This is how mine turned out (no wine to cork with yet). We had some large toppers and then a few small ones. Some lucky friend or family members gets our old soccer toppers!

Wine Topper DYI

08 October 2012

Pregnancy: Weeks 33 & 34

Weight:  192 lbs. (by the end of week 32 I have gained 49 lbs.)

Weeks to Go: 6 (STILL A SINGLE DIGIT!!)

What I feel: HEARTBURN. Like no one's business. Once this week I was napping on the couch, woke up, started coughing because of the heartburn and then threw up. Yes. The beauty of pregnancy. Oh my goodness it felt like my throat was on fire. Worst kind of sick I have been in a while. I had to sleep sitting up for a few nights. Not a fun part of pregnancy.

This last month and a half seems to be crawling by. Perhaps it is because I am so excited and very anxious. Or maybe it's because every where I look I see babies. Oh due date, come a little faster!

What I look like:  Big, blonde and beautiful. Kind of. Not blonde. But big and beautiful for sure! I have gained a good amount of weight this last trimester but I still feel really good. I am running out of clothes as each days passes but I only need to hold out a while longer (right baby?) !!

Oh Things I didn't know about pregnancy until now: Apparently talking to a pregnant woman means you can tell her your entire life's story including the scary and sad baby stories. I have heard stories about hard deliveries, early deliveries, missed due dates, over due babies, why some people can't get pregnant, baby throw up, how to calm babies, why some women hire babysitters and don't go to daycare, freak accidents where babies are dropped (thankfully into the couch or a laundry bin), how hot their summer pregnancy was, the amount of time spent in labor, divorce and babies, and random stories about how birth order affects children. 

Now I don't mind hearing stories, or listening to people's advice, it was just a surprise to me that people would be so open to sharing all their intimate baby moments with me even though some times they barely know me. It must be some sort of therapy for them. The least I can do is listen.

Timeline happenings: Getting so close. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! 
We have picked out a baby name by the end of this 34th week and yes, it is still a secret that no one knows. It will be a great surprise. (Hint: I LOVE the name and it was a mutual decision between my husband and I).
I have also been being "pinning" a lot of baby things on Pinterest. Go ahead and check it out. Say awe a few times. Feel like having babies.

We got another ultrasound at week 34. I am now the proud soon-to-be-mother of a baby with five fingers on at least one of this hands. All he would do was make fist or wave to us so the only ultra sound picture I have is of his hands. He is head down, feet up during this ultrasound. The technician mentioned that at this point he probably won't flip around anymore because he is running out of room. Yes, my bladder thanks you for that baby.


Things for Baby: I think we might have enough stuff now. Although you never know...we are still debating on a bassinet. That might be a 10 pm Target purchase in our future. 

I also have a guilty pleasure. BABY CLOTHES! They are so darn cute. I know it is probably silly hang them up but they look so cute there! One of my favorite outfits says "Mommy's Little Monster". Perfect.

And the Husband says: "Your house is still getting bigger" --referring to my rather larger than life belly which seems to be expanding at an exponential rate! 

Lately we have been trying to spend as much time as possible doing us things. Eating ice cream, watching Downton Abbey and comedy shows. It has been nice to soak up some couple time before the baby makes 3.