27 October 2012

On Pregnancy: Nesting

This is serious. Nesting is real and virtually uncontrollable for me.

For the last few weeks I have been unstoppable. Ok, not really unstoppable because I get tired and then want to take a 2 hour nap and then I need to eat...but almost.

Every minute of every day could be filled with things around the house I need to do.

Here is just a sampling of all the house things I have done in the last few weeks:

clean the kitchen. everyday.
organized our baby's clothing. several times. i even bought more hangers.
packed and repacked my hospital bag.
vacuumed. several more times than usual.
refused to wash the pots and pans in the dishwasher so i do it by hand.
do laundry like no one's business.
clean out my closet. several times.
cleaned out the basement storage.
spent hours last night cleaning up my computer of old files.
redecorated our living room with a gallery wall. thank you pinterest.
and probably drove my husband nuts in the whole process.
oh and I currently want to clean the fridge. that will happen tonight i am sure.

I feel like everything must be emmaculate before the baby arrives. As if he will even know the space between the stove and the counter isn't clean?!

I think I am ready for this baby. I might drive everyone around me nuts if this continues for 3 whole weeks.

Oh baby.

at least my fridge is clean. 

(oh and thanks for dealing with my random background changes. the other background loaded so slowly! It needed "nesting" help too!)

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