30 August 2012

Pregnancy: Weeks 27 & 28

Weeks Along: 28

Weight:  188 lbs. (by the end of week 26 I have gained 45 lbs.)

Weeks to Go: 12 weeks

What I feel: KICKS! So many kicks! My goodness that little guy wants to move around. Some nights when I lay down all he is does it jab my side. I think it makes me a little restless. But I need more sleep.

I think overall pregnancy + the weight gain = i am freakin' tired. all the time. nap from 6-8 pm? Bed at 10:30 pm? That sounds like a plan EVERY NIGHT! 

I am still working 40 hours a week, which might be getting to me. I am normally an efficient, lets see how much I can do in a day person, but lately I just don't have it in me. Yes, I get my work done, but nothing fast and furious over here.

What I look like:  A recent photo opp with a friend really showed me how very large I am. Phew. Thank goodness this is for a fantastic reason.

I think my area is expanding faster than my circumference. Hubby tried to explain the geometry of that phenomenon the other night. All I know is he is getting huge!

I am still amazed that a human body can do this. What a feat.

Oh Things I didn't know about pregnancy until now: A $17 body pillow will be the best investment you make while pregnant, I swear. I waited way too long to buy that. I sleep SOOOOO much better. Don't buy the one in the baby items isle, save money and go for the dorm style one that comes with multiple cover in the regular bedding isle. Same thing, better price.

Go slow. Standing up can be hard. Take your time and don't let your self get dizzy (you're doctor won't like that and will make you come into her office ASAP).

Rest more than you think you should.

Timeline happenings:
I magically broke three (1,2.3 yes!) needles while trying to sew curtains for the nursery. I wanted to cry. Thankfully I finished them and loved the end product. Perhaps I will take a sewing class now. 

Our guy's place!

Still lots of kicking (or hiccups or punching) going on. He is active, and getting stronger. Some mornings he wakes me up early so we can eat. I guess that begins now.

A good friend of mine just happened to be driving through Pennsylvania this week. She and her family were on their way to a wedding when we got a phone call that they were in town for a bit. She couldn't believe how big I was, and we had fun taking pictures. I have lovely friends.

I finally got a breast pump. I am not sure how well it will work. I did a lot of research and reviews were mixed. I made a decision after weeks of fretting. Guess we'll find out if it is worth the extra money to buy the top of the line one...it was just so much more! ah! I did however have a dream that this part of motherhood went swimmingly well. That might be good news!

Things for Baby: My grandmother made the CUTEST sweater, booties and hat set. I am not exaggerating. They are adorable. Oh I love them. They are blue. And perfect. I hope he can wear them at least once. They are kind of small but perhaps they will be a home from the hospital outfit (with pants and a onsie of course!)

Socks. Stocked up on those. I am going to guess my dryer monster will eat about half of them in the first week. Ha. I might have outsmarted him by buying all the same color (expect for the stripe ones, they were so cute!).

He now has a dinosaur night light. I know, he is a little young but again, IT WAS SO CUTE!

My husband and I decided not to go overboard with toys yet. We don't have tons of room or loads of money to spend on these items. We have many of our own childhood favorite books and stuffed animals to pass down. We have a few items received as gifts, which I am sure will get us by. I am really happy about this actually, less clutter for now until we find out what he likes. I would rather spend more money on toys to help him grow and learn that toys that do too much work for him (like pressing a button to make it interact with you).

And the Husband says: "I am tired. Pregnancy is tough" -this is by far my favorite thing my husband has said recently. I wanted to stay up and talk to him one night, but apparently pregnancy just tuckered him right out. Ha. I bet.

He also recently was asked by a friend how I was doing and he said "She sleeps a lot". See told ya pregnancy is tough.

28 August 2012

Running 101: Getting (and STAYING) motivated!

Do you have the "bug" yet? Has the Olympic spirit motivated you to run a little extra these last few weeks? Is running on the brain?

Running is not always in the front of my brain (especially with a baby on the way!) but it seems like the perfect time to help myself get motivated; the end of a long hot summer breaking way to a crisp, cool fall.

With sports, athletes and awesome races from London this summer, I can't help but take a look at the results and watch replays of my favorite events (Did you see the awesome finish in the Men's 10,000 Meter race on Saturday? Go Galen!). I wish I could get out there and compete!

Although not everyone can be Olympic caliber, we can do our best to stay motivated every day. There will always be good days and bad days, struggles and triumphs. Acknowledging that truth can be a great place to start.

One way to stay motivated is through experience. Ever have that euphoric experience after a race where you are on cloud 9 even though you can't stand up right? Seek those feelings often. They have the power to push you to a new person record (PR for short) and ecstatic feeling.

 If you have had a few ok runs, switch up the course, join a group or enter a race with that experience in mind. It is ok if you don't achieve the feeling your after, the trying will be more motivation for the future.

I find motivational blogs, books and movies to help too. Some of my favorites are:

Finding the time and having the energy to run is really only half the battle. Staying positive mentally can be difficult at times. Sometimes ourselves get in the way of making running a habit. Here are a few questions I ask myself if I am feeling tired or sluggish with running.

  • Why am I going to run today? (I like to have a purpose for all my runs)
  • What do I need to have a good run? (clothes? shoes? water? food? time?)
  • What is my short term goals for running? What are my long term goals?
  • Why is running important to me? 
Other reminders for myself include thinking about the benefits of a good sweat, the necessity to run more miles to meet my goals, the great feelings I get after a run and how running allows to me lead a better life (less sick days, more energy, etc.)

Some times even a few quotes on sticky notes helps keep me motivated!

When in doubt, or really run down, let your body & mind rest. Take a break if this all seems overwhelming. It is hard to stick with something that seems like such a chore mentally and physically. Allow yourself to unwind or take a time out. Running will be there when you are ready.

What motivates you? Why do you run? How do you help keep on track? 

24 August 2012

Weekend Links: Baby Style