02 August 2012

Pregnancy Weeks 1-10

[Side Note: I decided to document my pregnancy privately but then I got to writing about it last week here and found I really like writing about what it is like. I want to share my experience. So there is a little catching up to do. This post is about my first 10 weeks of pregnancy, which was some where between Feburary 14 through April 25th-ish. So technically this post is back dated. My post is similar to Ashley's Our Little Apartment's  pregnancy journal. I found this one so enjoyable and readable I thought the type of post would work for me too. Thanks for the inspiration Ashley!]

Weeks Along: 10 weeks

Weight:  145 lbs. (gained about 2 lbs so far!)

Weeks to Go: 30 weeks (Holy cats that is a long time)

What I feel: Like I could eat everything in the house. Twice. I am not gaining tons of weight yet, but I have eased off the running 40 miles a week so I expect it will catch up to me soon. I went through a good amount of Trix cereal in the past two weeks. I could always eat a lot, but this new hunger includes random things, like McDonald's, that I never craved before. I will crave something for a week or two and then it sounds disgusting. Grocery shopping is fun.
Very emotional. Like everything can make me cry at any time. I see that sad dog commercial from the adoption network and get all teary eyed. I also cried during that movie about the surfer girl who lost her arm to a shark but kept surfing (She is someone's baby too!)
Strangely enough sleeping has become uncomfortable. I wake up about every 2-3 hours each night. I feel like I have to use the bathroom but I can't. So I eat, and eat some more. Pace around the house. Clean. Sweep the floor. And then try to get back to sleep. I can make it to about 5:30 and then I can't fall back asleep at all. I have been really productive with reading, just not sleeping. The baby is already affecting this part of my life, great.

What we had been waiting for!

What I look like: Not huge. Just feel big. I grew out of most of my regular sized pants towards the end of these 10 weeks. I can still wear most of my shirts but pregnancy pants are in full swing. They are so much more comfortable. I bought a few pairs of pregnancy pants from a second hand store in town. I figured I might need a different size in a few more weeks so the three pairs of wearable pants I have will do.
Let's just say my chest is expanding faster than in my teens. Seriously. Overnight they grew how much? I have gone up 1 cup size already.
I did have one neighbor of ours comment "I thought you gained weight" after we told her we were expecting. Why, thank you.

Oh Things I didn't know about pregnancy until now: Zits? Really? I heard about "pregnancy mask" but this acme is way worse. I have develop some real problem areas on the back of my arms. Really? I am sure a cleansing routine will help but this is bad.
Oh and sore boobs. Like tender to the touch. It is a look but no touch zone right now.

Timeline happenings: By the end of this week I will be telling my boss about my pregnancy. I held off as I did not find out I was pregnant until I was almost 6 weeks along and the doctor doesn't see patients until week 10, so we are waiting for the official blood test confirmation that I am pregnant (let me tell you, I am). I am a little nervous but only because he is a guy. He has two kids, so I am sure he understands, but still. I am a little skiddish around my boss as it is. I have worked here for less than a year so that also adds to the fear.
Our first doctor's appointment was this week as well. We had to fill out a litany of questions (I should keep better records of my paternal Grandfather's medical history I guess!). Thank goodness for the soon-to-be-doctor husband of mine. He calmed me down as I was trying to rack my brain for any sort of random disease that runs in our families (I still can't find one). He reassured me that if the baby was healthy, it would grow properly without knowing every medical detail. The doctor was able to do an ultrasound on the baby. Her machine was a little old but we could make out the heartbeat, the little fetus and something that looked like a head. Our little baby is growing just fine. I will see the doctor again in 4 weeks.

Things for Baby: Based on our budget and needs, husband and I have decided to buy one baby thing per week until we conquer our list. I scoured the internet (thank you insomnia!) for a "list of essential baby things" until I found this. It nearly saved my life. I was thinking of all the possible things we could need (like oh my, how many burp cloths are we going to need? And what about that bottle warmer I saw at the store?) and driving myself crazy. I am a huge fan of Rachel's books about minimalist living with a baby. I don't buy into the "I need everything there ever was invented" mentality, and our budget certainly does not allow that. We are living in a two bedroom townhouse that also does not allow for every kind of baby item imaginable.
Our list is about 20 things long (give or take a few items we are debating about). We received the crib, stroller and car seat as gifts so far. We plan on making purchases we are sure about now and waiting on other things until after the baby arrives. Who knows if they will like the bouncy chair or the swing?
Plus, this way we can stay within our budget without having to spend $400 in one week on baby items. Win-Win.

And the Husband says: Lately the husband has been very supportive of my mini-freak outs and emotional burst. He loves my little baby "house" as he calls it. After spending many months learning everything that can go wrong with a pregnancy, I think he is thankful ours is going so well.

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