29 July 2012

On Pregnancy

The past 24 weeks have been nothing short of amazing. So far being pregnant tops the list of most awesome things I have ever done, honestly. Yeah ok, some times it really stinks when I have to go to the bathroom a hundred times a day, but I am making a HUMAN BEING!

I have (very unfortunately) not been around a lot of pregnant women. I am the eldest child, grandchild and cousin around. I can't really remember my mom being pregnant, or any of my aunts for that matter. I don't have any girl friends who have been pregnant. I feel kind of alone in pregnancy some times. But then, I remember how awesome it is an I quit doubting my knowledge and experience. No matter if you have been around pregnant women all your life, each pregnancy is different. Pregnancy is all about new experiences for me. Ones that I get to experience for myself, by myself in a really special way. It is a bond I will share with our (assuming-ly) handsome little man. I am fortunate to have these experiences, I shouldn't wallow in the fact I don't have a friend to compare belly sizes with (although I would win!)

Almost 3 months. Can't you tell?

In light of the past 24 weeks here is what I have learned:

  1. I. am. so. tired. all the freaking time. I mean seriously. A hour nap at 2 pm, bed at 9 pm, sleep until 8 am. I barely have time to eat!
  2. Food is essential. Even if I have to stuff crackers in my purse and look like a bag lady with two lunch bags at work, TOO BAD! I need to eat. Now. And again in an hour. It is not an option.
  3. Cravings are real. And they should be fixed as soon as husband can drive to McDonald's. No matter the time or place. Once I had a craving for potato salad and could not find the kind I wanted. I nearly cried. 
  4. A size medium now will need to be a size large in a week. Buy the bigger size now. 
  5. Bras. Yes, plural. You will need 10. 5 for this week's size and 5 for next week's.
  6. Zits. Ah! It's like being in 9th grade again. I have found a good daily routine and LOADS of water helps, but not for long. It is a daily task to keep up with covering or eliminating them. Ick.
  7. Speaking of husbands, their clothes fit better. A few weeks ago I made my husband get three extra pairs of hanging around the house shorts so I could make sure to have a pair too.
  8. If your boss says you can wear whatever you want to work, DO IT. Yes, ok the floor length dress is more outdoor summer party than 9 to 5, but it fits. Wear it. 
  9. If you ever find petite pregnancy-with-the-full-panel-pants buy two pairs. Once I found the best pair of pregnancy jeans that were just the right length, bought one pair only to return later to find there were not more in the store. Buy two. 
  10. If there is ever a reason to get a foot massage pregnancy is it. The feeling is wonderful. I beg my husband to do it as much as possible. I am constantly asking him to "just rub my feet a little longer"
  11. Take it all in. Enjoy every "oh my goodness I feel huge" moment. Pregnancy goes fast.
I realized after about four months how quickly the time goes by. I could hardly believe I was already that far along. While some days seem so long, really take a moment to be thankful for what you body can do. It is really a miracle and a joy. 

The glow of motherhood is in all those moments when you can't see your knee caps and shoes don't fit.

And 3 months later...still growing!


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  1. I love this post!! I'm so excited for you :) You are making a baby!!!!!