15 December 2011


Can we do a little question and answer about etiquette? (mainly I want to voice my humble opinion and rant about a few etiquette questions)

disclaimer: All assumptions or comments about my job location and office should not be posted (and will be deleted by me). I don't want to name call, point fingers or make this into a "she said, he said". This post is merely my observations and opinions. Thank you! 

Question: Is it ok to say no when someone ask you to do something that they could do themselves, should do themselves or you are too swamped to get to at the moment? Is this acceptable practice in the work place? On the same topic, is it ok to then ask the person you asked to do you a favor if they have done the task yet?

Answer: I really don't know. I want to be very helpful and I like to get everything done that I know I need to do BUT I am too busy to stop my own work some times. I don't want to be rude with saying no, but yes is not a truthful answer.  I am not the hand madien of the office, I have a title just like everyone else. I am happy to file every single piece of paper ever printed every day as a part of my job, but that means I can't "grab" something for you at the same time. I am new to the office and maybe there is period where maybe that was my job description. Since I began working at my current location though, I have started to really get my feet wet with the job, and now seven months in I feel quite comfortable. I have my own accounts which required most of the time in my day. I stay consistently busy. That being said, I can't drop everything for a request every time.

And, if I am doing all the work that is required, a favor might not be on the top of the to do list.

Perhaps I am too independent and self sustaining, I would not ask someone to get me a piece of paper if I knew I was capable of getting it in the first place. Those kinds of task personal priorities and require me to do it for myself. And perhaps I am too nice in doing everything that is asked of me in the first place. I am not well known for my ability to say "no". 

Question: Is it acceptable to clip your nails at the workplace?

Answer: NO! Not ever in my opinion. I believe this opinion would be shared with most as a general 'no-no' in the office. I know people want to keep clean and presentable for work (yes, I do keep a toothbrush at my desk for this reason) but it is call PERSONAL hygiene, not share 'my-nail-clippings-with-the-office' hygiene. Ah! Due to budget cuts and the like, we only get our office cleaned once a week, so keeping your personal space clean is necessary. Clipping your nails at your desk does nothing for cleanliness.  The sound of the clipping has even begun to bother me. Ah. I just am not a fan. And think its kind of rude. It's one thing to have to blow your nose, and even doing that in the bathroom is a little more sanitary, but clipping nails at your desk. Heavens.

14 December 2011


A recent post from a good friend reminded me that I wanted to write more about running. So here I go.

Beside working full time and spending time with my husband, my days are numbered by the miles I put in. I count the weeks leading up to a race, miles per day, and hours spent running. I thought this blog would be a great place to record, vent and write about my running. I love running very much, but some days it just sucks. Like most people I suffer from bi-polar workout syndrome. Some days I want to run a billion miles, while other days eating bonbons on the couch sounds like a better idea. Hopefully this blog will keep me focused on my running and provide a way for me to enjoy keeping track of it. I love to write about what I love. If you don't enjoy running or think I am crazy leave a note. On the other hand if you think I am super woman feel free to let me know that too. 

Side note: today is an eating bonbon type of day.

13 December 2011

30 fo 30:The Challenge Ends

Of all the clothing I have tucked away in my closet (perhaps stuffed is a better adjective), wearing 30 pieces for 30 days was very humbling. I really liked the challenge, and it was gratifying to know I did not shop, enjoyed what I already own and got creative with clothing.  

I am sad to say tomorrow is my last day of the challenge! But hope lies ahead, I am off to NYC on Friday (perhaps shopping will ensue!)

A few of the things I learned in the last 30 days:
  • If you bought a pair of jeans 5 years ago and you wear them in this challenge they will rip. And not in a “I can still wear these if I have a long shirt on” way. Sadly, my favorite pair of skinny jeans are done for. They are not in the salvage pile.
  • Having a few sweater options was key. I really didn’t think about how often I wear a sweater and they came in really handy.
  • My closet does have a lot of “essentials”, like t-shirts and black sweaters, but they do wear out when worn consistently. I think I will have to replace a few of the items after this adventure. But I am ok with that, because I know I wear them out!
  • Having good accessories can really go a long way. Even if you only have one black skirt, wearing it with black tights one day and yellow later that week you can feel like you are limitless. I would like to invest in some fun color accessories to make my closet feel bigger.
  • Shoes. Oh Shoes. I noticed that I wore my tan boots a LOT (even my husband commented that I had worn those several days in a row). I have a black pair of heels that got their use as well. I would say I wore maybe about 5 different pairs of shoes. I would hate to not shop for shoes, but I don’t see the need for a new pair every month. I would still like to find a red pair (they go with everything!)…
  • Making outfit choices every day was a breeze! I spent a lot less time thinking about clothing then I usually do. I am notorious for trying on about 12 different shirts every day before finding the perfect one. With one 30 items to choose from the hassle (and time) was cut in half. I am fan of that! I would plan my next day's outfit the day before as well. This was important as I tried to keep with laundry and the items I had already worn. It worked out much better than frantically running around in the morning wondering if my dress smelled bad since I had worn it earlier. I think I will stick to this picking out outfits at night routine.
  • Traveling & packing was always such a hassle. I would never know what pieces to take and how many outfits I could make out of the small selection I brought. This challenge solved that problem! I can bring a few items, a few more accessories and make it work Tim Gunn style.
  • I suck at taking photographs of myself. I am also not the best model. I would forget most of the time. Sorry! I promise I only wore 30 pieces of clothing for 30 days!

All in all, I am glad to have done the challenge. It’s hard to feel like you don’t need something new just because, but learning that you have plenty really helps. I have always been a shopper, and lover of great deals, but I don’t feel the need just to buy any more. I know what works on my body (most of the time) and if I love a piece of clothing I guarantee I will wear it out. It feels good to know that I can be creative and make many different outfits. I am thankful that I can buy new things when I need them and not feel like I just want them. It became easier to see what I need versus what I think I should have. When you work full time it make sense that I purchase items I can wear to work, be comfortable in and dress down in for the weekends. I like versatile style and would love my wardrobe to reflect that.

It was really fun to be creative with my work wardrobe as selling electrical supplies doesn’t not rank high on the best creative career list. My one female coworker said that I looked nice often. At least someone noticed!

My style is forever changing, and like my life, some pieces will work some days and some will not. I am glad to have options, but in the end simplicity works best. This challenge came at a perfect time, and I am very glad I embarked on it.

Until I need to challenge my closet again,


06 December 2011


I suppose writing a blog about the life I lead brings with it all the ups and downs, which eventually help write my daily story. It’s not too often that I like to write about stressful situations here, often because I don’t need to be reminded of the stresses every day (or in years to come when I look back at this blog). I like to micromanage my stress. I love the task options on electronic calendars, I am forever making list (and then forgetting them some where…), and I love to be able to reflect on the day to see what I did.  I like to be in control of my personal stress.

I do not cope well with stress that is not mine.

I am sure it’s been mentioned, or at the very least implied, but being a wife of a medical student is not a walk in the park. If you ever read blogs about spouses of medical students (yes, I am a reader of such blogs) you will find a common theme. Stress (or anxiety or nerves or disappointment or happiness) that is related to the student, yet some how educes the same dizzying effect on the cohort.  I find it to be one of the most difficult parts of  being a spouse of a student doctor. I don’t get to spend hours upon hours of studying until my brain hurts, yet when exam day comes I am a ball of nerves waiting for the results.  It’s like being a coach, getting your athletes ready and then leaving the win to them.

My husband (thankfully) is going a fantastic job at school, his grades have shown that he works hard. He does get stressed (read: restless) before big exams (like those coming up next week) and some how I end up stressed too. There are days when I feel like I can’t  fully concentrate on my job because I know he is taking a huge test. Or nights when he has to study for 4 hours and I wonder if he is getting all the information he needs. I worry that he needs more time away from me (and my nagging about taking out the trash) or more resources (as if the 20 pound books he has now are not enough). I get just as restless, and perhaps as sleepless.

Does all this stress show that I care or does it have a negative affect on my husband?
I would hate to add more stress to his life (but I really do hate taking out the trash…).
I struggle with this question a lot.  Just because stress is present doesn’t mean I have to make my self-stressed too. I tend to think having two people stress under one roof brings more problems than solutions.

So selflessly I try to ignore these stressful thoughts, concentrate on the things I can control while trying to be as helpful as I can to the stressed.  It is not easy. I want him to do so well, yet I can’t go in and take the test for him. I have learned that this mother-like quality has reared its head as my husband and I grow closer (I am thankful for the growing closer part though!). As mothers try to make your day just a little brighter, I try to make my husbands stress a little smaller. This in turn reduces my stress. A win-win when you get the combination right.  I am not at my best every day, and like today I end up trying tirelessly to de-stress.

This brings me to think of things that allow my husband or myself to de-stress:

  • A warm bath (a post college luxury I never knew I missed!)
  • A good meal (Chicken & Rice from my Grandmother’s recipe always hits the spot)
  • A long talk with a good friend
  • A hot chocolate, tea or coffee (especially today since it has been 40 degrees and  rainy all day in Erie)
  • A long run (I’ll try that one for sure. 7 miles on the docket for today!)
  • An even longer stretching or yoga session (If it fits in I will do this too)
  • A good book (paired with that hot drink would be nice)
  • A back massage (I might be able to convince my husband to help with this one)
  • Knitting (There is something so soothing about this hobby)
  • A good laugh (made even better by those I share it with)

What do you do to unwind or de-stress? What stress do you carry? Is it yours or could you be more helpful by trying to lessen the load? Is there someone or something that helps you figure out what stress you can leave behind?