14 December 2011


A recent post from a good friend reminded me that I wanted to write more about running. So here I go.

Beside working full time and spending time with my husband, my days are numbered by the miles I put in. I count the weeks leading up to a race, miles per day, and hours spent running. I thought this blog would be a great place to record, vent and write about my running. I love running very much, but some days it just sucks. Like most people I suffer from bi-polar workout syndrome. Some days I want to run a billion miles, while other days eating bonbons on the couch sounds like a better idea. Hopefully this blog will keep me focused on my running and provide a way for me to enjoy keeping track of it. I love to write about what I love. If you don't enjoy running or think I am crazy leave a note. On the other hand if you think I am super woman feel free to let me know that too. 

Side note: today is an eating bonbon type of day.

1 comment:

  1. I am very bi-polar when it comes to running, but working out in general is a must for me. Staying active keeps me happy :) It's okay to have days when you don't want to workout. Your happiness is all that matters!