13 December 2011

30 fo 30:The Challenge Ends

Of all the clothing I have tucked away in my closet (perhaps stuffed is a better adjective), wearing 30 pieces for 30 days was very humbling. I really liked the challenge, and it was gratifying to know I did not shop, enjoyed what I already own and got creative with clothing.  

I am sad to say tomorrow is my last day of the challenge! But hope lies ahead, I am off to NYC on Friday (perhaps shopping will ensue!)

A few of the things I learned in the last 30 days:
  • If you bought a pair of jeans 5 years ago and you wear them in this challenge they will rip. And not in a “I can still wear these if I have a long shirt on” way. Sadly, my favorite pair of skinny jeans are done for. They are not in the salvage pile.
  • Having a few sweater options was key. I really didn’t think about how often I wear a sweater and they came in really handy.
  • My closet does have a lot of “essentials”, like t-shirts and black sweaters, but they do wear out when worn consistently. I think I will have to replace a few of the items after this adventure. But I am ok with that, because I know I wear them out!
  • Having good accessories can really go a long way. Even if you only have one black skirt, wearing it with black tights one day and yellow later that week you can feel like you are limitless. I would like to invest in some fun color accessories to make my closet feel bigger.
  • Shoes. Oh Shoes. I noticed that I wore my tan boots a LOT (even my husband commented that I had worn those several days in a row). I have a black pair of heels that got their use as well. I would say I wore maybe about 5 different pairs of shoes. I would hate to not shop for shoes, but I don’t see the need for a new pair every month. I would still like to find a red pair (they go with everything!)…
  • Making outfit choices every day was a breeze! I spent a lot less time thinking about clothing then I usually do. I am notorious for trying on about 12 different shirts every day before finding the perfect one. With one 30 items to choose from the hassle (and time) was cut in half. I am fan of that! I would plan my next day's outfit the day before as well. This was important as I tried to keep with laundry and the items I had already worn. It worked out much better than frantically running around in the morning wondering if my dress smelled bad since I had worn it earlier. I think I will stick to this picking out outfits at night routine.
  • Traveling & packing was always such a hassle. I would never know what pieces to take and how many outfits I could make out of the small selection I brought. This challenge solved that problem! I can bring a few items, a few more accessories and make it work Tim Gunn style.
  • I suck at taking photographs of myself. I am also not the best model. I would forget most of the time. Sorry! I promise I only wore 30 pieces of clothing for 30 days!

All in all, I am glad to have done the challenge. It’s hard to feel like you don’t need something new just because, but learning that you have plenty really helps. I have always been a shopper, and lover of great deals, but I don’t feel the need just to buy any more. I know what works on my body (most of the time) and if I love a piece of clothing I guarantee I will wear it out. It feels good to know that I can be creative and make many different outfits. I am thankful that I can buy new things when I need them and not feel like I just want them. It became easier to see what I need versus what I think I should have. When you work full time it make sense that I purchase items I can wear to work, be comfortable in and dress down in for the weekends. I like versatile style and would love my wardrobe to reflect that.

It was really fun to be creative with my work wardrobe as selling electrical supplies doesn’t not rank high on the best creative career list. My one female coworker said that I looked nice often. At least someone noticed!

My style is forever changing, and like my life, some pieces will work some days and some will not. I am glad to have options, but in the end simplicity works best. This challenge came at a perfect time, and I am very glad I embarked on it.

Until I need to challenge my closet again,


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