15 December 2011


Can we do a little question and answer about etiquette? (mainly I want to voice my humble opinion and rant about a few etiquette questions)

disclaimer: All assumptions or comments about my job location and office should not be posted (and will be deleted by me). I don't want to name call, point fingers or make this into a "she said, he said". This post is merely my observations and opinions. Thank you! 

Question: Is it ok to say no when someone ask you to do something that they could do themselves, should do themselves or you are too swamped to get to at the moment? Is this acceptable practice in the work place? On the same topic, is it ok to then ask the person you asked to do you a favor if they have done the task yet?

Answer: I really don't know. I want to be very helpful and I like to get everything done that I know I need to do BUT I am too busy to stop my own work some times. I don't want to be rude with saying no, but yes is not a truthful answer.  I am not the hand madien of the office, I have a title just like everyone else. I am happy to file every single piece of paper ever printed every day as a part of my job, but that means I can't "grab" something for you at the same time. I am new to the office and maybe there is period where maybe that was my job description. Since I began working at my current location though, I have started to really get my feet wet with the job, and now seven months in I feel quite comfortable. I have my own accounts which required most of the time in my day. I stay consistently busy. That being said, I can't drop everything for a request every time.

And, if I am doing all the work that is required, a favor might not be on the top of the to do list.

Perhaps I am too independent and self sustaining, I would not ask someone to get me a piece of paper if I knew I was capable of getting it in the first place. Those kinds of task personal priorities and require me to do it for myself. And perhaps I am too nice in doing everything that is asked of me in the first place. I am not well known for my ability to say "no". 

Question: Is it acceptable to clip your nails at the workplace?

Answer: NO! Not ever in my opinion. I believe this opinion would be shared with most as a general 'no-no' in the office. I know people want to keep clean and presentable for work (yes, I do keep a toothbrush at my desk for this reason) but it is call PERSONAL hygiene, not share 'my-nail-clippings-with-the-office' hygiene. Ah! Due to budget cuts and the like, we only get our office cleaned once a week, so keeping your personal space clean is necessary. Clipping your nails at your desk does nothing for cleanliness.  The sound of the clipping has even begun to bother me. Ah. I just am not a fan. And think its kind of rude. It's one thing to have to blow your nose, and even doing that in the bathroom is a little more sanitary, but clipping nails at your desk. Heavens.


  1. Oh my gosh! I agree more with the nail clipping at work! I CANNOT believe how many people do it! It's disgusting. It makes me want to scream... haha. Seriously though, it drives me crazy.

  2. I meant to say *I COULDN'T agree more* haha