03 January 2012


Ah yes. 'Tis the season to resolve. In my (seemingly) never ending quest to improve myself and those around me, I am happy the occasion to resolve is here!  Although 2011 was a wonderful year, starting a new year with fresh goals and an ambitious to do list is what I love about January. 

First, I suppose we should do a summary of 2011 in 30 seconds or less:

January through May: Well, that was a blur. Between working full time and planning our wedding I lost track of time. These months flew by with nothing too spectacular.

May: My husband graduated from undergraduate studies. And the wedding planning really took off!

June: We got hitched! June 17, 2011. Happiest day ever. We also honeymooned...and then 1 week later...

July: We moved to Pennsylvania! We moved into our first home together and I started a new job in a new city. My husband started Medical School (that's when the fun really began!)

August through December: More studying and working. I ran a half-marathon. Visiting family and friends. Traveling back to Michigan a few times and finally spending the new year at our new place.

Phew. It was a busy year but we made it through. I couldn't be happier with 2011.

But, as time is always moving on, so must I. 2012 is shaping up to be a big year too.  

Some times it seems daunting that I want to accomplish so much in one year but I know it can all be done. Like I have been for the last few months, I will be documenting all the new year activities and goals as I achieve them. It will be great to look back and be able to see all that I have done. I love making goals and checking them off the list, not to mention it's fun to write about my failures.

Here is what I have planned:

So what do you have planned? Have you resolved to accomplish things (big or small!)? How about blogging? Or commenting on your favorite blog? Just a suggestion!

Happy New Year and Happy New Goals!


  1. Miss Erika,
    Your 2012 list looks realistically ambitious :) I'm not sure what my plans for this year are. Since I am a super planner, I plan and replan my life every single day. Maybe 2012 should be my year to not plan, to let life just happen...what do you think? How's Erie these days? I should call you soon so that we can catch up!

  2. miss laura,

    you and I most certainly do owe each other a phone call! its been too long!
    You sound like me, plan plan plan. Although it does have it's advantages, not planning is a great resolution. Even if its only a month's worth of no planning you might find it rewarding! Or plan a vacation. thus you can plan and the enjoy the benefits!