12 January 2012

Update: Marathon Training

Oh my goodness gracious. Just when I thought I could catch up on all the reading, knitting, baking I wanted to do...boom...I feel the need to run more. Great. Why do I have to be so ambitious? 

I thought after the craziness of the holidays, traveling to see family & friends, having friends over for the weekend and endless cleaning afterwards I would have some time to my self. Well, I do, but since signing up for the Glass City Marathon I feel the need to run more. Lots more. Like not taking a day off during the week, adding an additional morning run and adding mileage. Perfect way to relax, huh? I want to do well and that means that I need to keep consistent and keep adding the miles up.  

My week is going well in terms of running. I know I am in good shape, just need more of the endurance.
It's funny, I have a count down on my calendar that lets me know how many weeks until the marathon. This week is 15 weeks to go, and it doesn't seem that far away!! AH!

This is what the week is looking like so far:
Monday: 5 miles at the gym in the evening
Tuesday: 6 miles at the gym in the evening
Wednesday: 3.5 miles at the gym in the morning
Thursday: yet to be determined, 7 perhaps?
Friday: yet to be determined, 6 or 7 again
Saturday: Long Run (hopefully at my favorite run location, which has been closed due to flooding lately!) 10-13 miles
Sunday: Finish whatever is left to make 46 miles or more for the week.
phew. this sounds more difficult than it is. 

I am still on the lookout for a good training partner. I should put out an ad! It would read:

Wanted: Avid Runner for Training Partner. Preferably Female. Ability to run 40 miles or more a week at 7:30-8:30 pace for over 5 miles. Needs to love running and enjoy all the pain involved in running a marathon! Location: Erie, PA but there might be some runs outside the city.  Serious inquiries only.  

Side note: My husband recently had a class discussion about sexual practices and one of the topics was ads of this type for sexual partners. They use some crazy abbreviations which I have no clue how to read but they are fun to try and figure out. Its like a cryptogram! Any way, that made me think of making an ad for a running partner. That is how I got there if you were curious.

Know any takers (for running partners!!)? Hit up that comments box below.

In the mean time, I'll be running around (and around. and around. and around.).

always, EAA


  1. I would be happy to be your running partner, but there are a couple of problems. 1)I live in Michigan and you live in Pennsylvania. 2)I am currently "training" for a 5K...so I'm just running like normal. Training for a marathon would be a lot of fun, but I wouldn't be of any benefit to you between now and April! Best of luck with your training, I know you can do it!!

  2. Understandable that the whole distance from out of stat would be an issue! It's ok. I will have to find someone closer. Good luck in your 5k! When, and where are you running at?

  3. State. I meant out of state.

  4. State. I meant out of state.

  5. State. I meant out of state.