06 January 2012

Signed Up

I finally did it.

I signed up for a marathon. 

Yes folks, the time has come for me to quit talking about it and just do it. 
I was sweating profusely while typing in all the athlete information and forking over my hard earned money only to find satisfaction in knowing half of a resolution is filled (signing up is half the difficultly in this case).

Nothing like committing to run a 26.2 mile race to get you pumped on a Friday.

Needless to say I am elated! I cannot wait to race. I have even marked it on my Google calendar. No going back now. April 22, 2012 Toledo, Ohio here I come!
Want to sign up too? Click Click
Thought so. Doesn't a marathon sound like a good way to spend a Sunday in April? 

Since signing up my daily runs seem to have a little extra pep. It helps I have a race to look forward to.

On that happy & joyous note I will leave you to think about all the running goals you want to accomplish this year!

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