18 October 2012

Pregnancy: Weeks 35 & 36

And a baby will make three!

Weight:  198 lbs. (by the end of week 36 I have gained 55 lbs.)

Weeks to Go: 4 (A MONTH!!!)

What I feel: Big. Tired. Cranky.
Pregnancy, in all it's glowing and beauty, is starting to wear me down. I am still working 40 hours a week and by the time 5 pm rolls around I am done. Very often in these last few weeks I have been coming home, eating, sleeping, waking up for a few hours, eating again and going back to bed. I am exhausted. Next week I am going to work half a day in the office and half the day at home, where I least I can work in my p.j.'s AND put my feet up. They are killing me.

Phew. Are we done yet?

What I look like:  Bigger. I swear there is no more room to go but he keeps growing. I cannot see my feet any longer.

Oh and clothes. Don't. Fit. 
Tops are too short, pants don't cover my belly. Some days I think I look like a hot mess.

Oh Things I didn't know about pregnancy until now: We had an ultrasound at week 34 and found out the baby was 5 lbs. 1 oz.. Go team Albano for making a strong little guy!

And then the nurse told me he could gain up to a pound a week. 

A what? A pound a week? 

Now I know they said up to, so he could gain half a pound for all I know. But seriously? That doesn't alarm anyone? The nurse told me he will be strong and healthy. Like heck he will, he'll be a freaking body builder if he gets to 11 lbs (6 weeks left at that time x 1 lb. per week = 6 lbs. + already 5 lbs. = 11 lbs.). Say it with me now, my goodness!!

I am praying for a healthy baby no matter what, but 11 lbs. sounds outrageous. 
Oh. My.

Timeline happenings: I think I am driving myself nuts with trying to figure out when this bundle of joy will be in my arms. I keep trying to estimated, calculate and analyze when I think he will be here.

He will come when he is ready. I have to deal with that.

Things for Baby: We now have a bouncy seat, a pack n' play, stroller and car seat sitting in our living room waiting for baby. And this ends the having fragile things in our living room phase for a long time.

And the Husband says: One day I was experiencing some contractions (most likely the Braxton-Hicks kind) and I e-mailed my husband telling him I felt a few faint ones. He stopped by my work on his way home to make sure I was ok. He rushed in, probably thinking the worst, like my water had also broken in the time I e-mailed him and the time he got there. Nope, just little contractions getting me ready for the big day.

 I think he is getting pretty excited (and a little nervous). 

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