24 October 2012

A Few Favorites

I started to write a post about things that were annoying me. For some reason I felt annoyed this week. Not sure if my pregnancy hormones are going crazy again or I am just tired, but things kept coming up that I find annoying (like men's socks not matching their dress pants at work. I mean really, is it necessary I worry about this issue?)

Alas, this feeling of annoyance does nothing for my attitude, so I won't feed it this time.  Instead I think I will write about a few favorites, challenging my inner positive feelings.

Beautiful Fall Day in Pennsylvania

a few of my favorites right now:

  • I found this blog somehow, some post within a post maybe? I forget. Regardless, I love her post about post-baby health and weight loss. She is very honest, which is a relief. I know a majority of it disappears after the baby is born, there can be some time before you get back to that magical pre-baby weight. This subject is on my quite a bit now. I want to formulate a working plan and her approach seems really reasonable. I know it will all come off, just a matter of time. 
  • This book. I started listening to it on audiobook while I work from home in the afternoons (thank you pregnancy, at least I can be home in my sweatpants and a little bit more comfortable). Another reminder that a journey with no end is ok.
  • Fuzzy Socks. It is getting cold out there! My body is hot (oh thank you baby)but my feet are cold. Thank you fuzzy socks.
  • Our baby's name. Which is a secret until the big day but lets just say I LOVE IT! I am so excited to meet him, finally! 
  • Fall. Really could there be a better season? Some days are sunny and beautiful, others are cold and rainy. Perfect for long walks and eating a homemade batch of soup (check, did both of these things this week!)


  1. Fall is my favorite season :) Your little guy will be here soon!! I'm so excited for you and Mike!

    1. I know! So soon. Like any day now!