08 October 2012

Pregnancy: Weeks 33 & 34

Weight:  192 lbs. (by the end of week 32 I have gained 49 lbs.)

Weeks to Go: 6 (STILL A SINGLE DIGIT!!)

What I feel: HEARTBURN. Like no one's business. Once this week I was napping on the couch, woke up, started coughing because of the heartburn and then threw up. Yes. The beauty of pregnancy. Oh my goodness it felt like my throat was on fire. Worst kind of sick I have been in a while. I had to sleep sitting up for a few nights. Not a fun part of pregnancy.

This last month and a half seems to be crawling by. Perhaps it is because I am so excited and very anxious. Or maybe it's because every where I look I see babies. Oh due date, come a little faster!

What I look like:  Big, blonde and beautiful. Kind of. Not blonde. But big and beautiful for sure! I have gained a good amount of weight this last trimester but I still feel really good. I am running out of clothes as each days passes but I only need to hold out a while longer (right baby?) !!

Oh Things I didn't know about pregnancy until now: Apparently talking to a pregnant woman means you can tell her your entire life's story including the scary and sad baby stories. I have heard stories about hard deliveries, early deliveries, missed due dates, over due babies, why some people can't get pregnant, baby throw up, how to calm babies, why some women hire babysitters and don't go to daycare, freak accidents where babies are dropped (thankfully into the couch or a laundry bin), how hot their summer pregnancy was, the amount of time spent in labor, divorce and babies, and random stories about how birth order affects children. 

Now I don't mind hearing stories, or listening to people's advice, it was just a surprise to me that people would be so open to sharing all their intimate baby moments with me even though some times they barely know me. It must be some sort of therapy for them. The least I can do is listen.

Timeline happenings: Getting so close. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! 
We have picked out a baby name by the end of this 34th week and yes, it is still a secret that no one knows. It will be a great surprise. (Hint: I LOVE the name and it was a mutual decision between my husband and I).
I have also been being "pinning" a lot of baby things on Pinterest. Go ahead and check it out. Say awe a few times. Feel like having babies.

We got another ultrasound at week 34. I am now the proud soon-to-be-mother of a baby with five fingers on at least one of this hands. All he would do was make fist or wave to us so the only ultra sound picture I have is of his hands. He is head down, feet up during this ultrasound. The technician mentioned that at this point he probably won't flip around anymore because he is running out of room. Yes, my bladder thanks you for that baby.


Things for Baby: I think we might have enough stuff now. Although you never know...we are still debating on a bassinet. That might be a 10 pm Target purchase in our future. 

I also have a guilty pleasure. BABY CLOTHES! They are so darn cute. I know it is probably silly hang them up but they look so cute there! One of my favorite outfits says "Mommy's Little Monster". Perfect.

And the Husband says: "Your house is still getting bigger" --referring to my rather larger than life belly which seems to be expanding at an exponential rate! 

Lately we have been trying to spend as much time as possible doing us things. Eating ice cream, watching Downton Abbey and comedy shows. It has been nice to soak up some couple time before the baby makes 3.

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