13 October 2012

From Pinterest to Practical: Wine Toppers

Ok, I have officially jumped on the Pinterest DIY bandwagon. And I love it.

Obsessed might be the best word to describe my current interest in DIY crafts actually! Between thoughts of babies and delivery, I dream about the next project I can accomplish.

This week I tackled one of the easier projects, wine toppers made with old tops from trophies. It was the perfect project for getting rid of some trophies collecting dust in our basement and making Christmas presents. I am going to pair a few of these toppers with some local wine and ta da- instant Christmas gift.

I didn't come up with the project idea (click here if you want the directions) so I won't explain how to do it, but I wanted to let you know how it went.

The only supplies you need are:
  • drill with interchangeable bits
  • old trophies
  • wine corks

I had my husband drill the holes  (I don't do too well with power tools), then simply screwed on the toppers. It really was that simple! Easy-peasy! This was about a 10 minute project with almost fool-proof results. Highly recommended!!!

This is how mine turned out (no wine to cork with yet). We had some large toppers and then a few small ones. Some lucky friend or family members gets our old soccer toppers!

Wine Topper DYI

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