01 November 2012

Pregnancy: Weeks 37 & 38

Weight:  202 lbs. (by the end of week 36 I have gained 59 lbs.)

Weeks to Go: 2. Really, 15 days until my estimated due date.

What I feel: Anxious, still. And tired. And big.

A lot of people at work keeping saying "you are still here?". Why yes, I am. Although I am wishing I was at home snuggling with a newborn. I can't say my coworkers aren't nice about it, they just sound really surprised when I am in the office each morning.

I am working from home in the afternoon which allows me to at least put on p.j.'s and put my feet up. Thank goodness!

We are just waiting now. And I am so excited I think I am terribly impatient. I have caught up with Downton Abbey so now there is really nothing to look forward to until he gets here!

Oh, also, does everyone at my work get sick this time of year? I have seriously cleaned my desk area every day to stop the infections I know are flying around. One of my co-workers has a nasty habit of taking pieces of paper into the bathroom on his way to the copier. Yikes! I am a germ-a-phob at this point and this does not help. I am hesitant to mention it to him as it might be a awkward conversation, but icky!

What I look like:  Very round! I think I have "rounded" out in the last few weeks. As a result of a still growing fetus, I am also still growing. Out mainly. But around the hip areas as well.

Oh, and I have a few stretch marks. Not pretty. I broke down and bought some coconut butter cream to reduce the appearance. I am hoping with some tough workouts and long runs in the future they will be reduced any further. Oh the joys of motherhood!

Oh Things I didn't know about pregnancy until now: Braxton Hicks contractions feel like real ones. Only difference is they go away after a while. And they go away if you lay down versus sitting up. What fun! Fake contractions!

I had a recent doctor's visit where they monitored the baby and found he is very active (yes, my bladder knows that too) and I have pretty steady contractions sometimes. Still just getting ready the nurse said. Oh boo. No October for us.

Timeline happenings: We have now reached full term! YA! 
Which means this little guy can come any day now. And I mean ANY DAY.

Things for Baby: We had a lovely shower at my work the other day and received a fun play mat toy for the baby. I am excited to have play time with him and use this cute play mat. It even has 20 minutes of music! 

And the Husband says: "Go ahead and lie down. I will make dinner."-Thank you. Those are some of the sweetest words known to a mother-to-be.

"Next year we can use our Zoo coupons!" -We buy a local coupon book every year from one of the kids around the neighborhood and it always includes several buy one get one free coupons for the zoo for kids under 12. Finally we can use it next year!


  1. Oh my goodness, you're so close now...that's exciting! I pray that your little boy's arrival into the world goes as smoothly as any arrival can :)

    1. thank you Shauna! We are getting SO close to that arrival day!

  2. You're about to become a mom!! I'm so excited for you <3

    1. Thank you Laura! A mom, a whole new world for me and our little one.