22 November 2012

Thankful: Pregnancy Edition

This is the post I need to write today. I am get very tired and frustrated. Pregnancy has been wonderful but I am ready to have this baby. And he does not want to be had yet. I need to remember what I am thankful for today.

Although I wrote this days before Thanksgiving (see the reason for doing so here!)the things I have to be thankful for this year are so numerous I hope this post doesn't go on forever. I apologize in advance.

The things I am thankful for this year (yes, they are almost all pregnancy related!):

  1. A loving and understanding husband. Even when hormones are high, he has been wonderful.
  2. A healthy me. 
  3. A healthy baby, to be born soon! so soon!
  4. A pretty "easy" pregnancy. No complications, no issues. (Ok, pregnancy is not that easy but having it go well really makes it seem that much better!)
  5. Maternity leave. Thank you work for being so generous in the time you allow mothers to have off.
  6. A really great doctor who is kind and understanding.
  7. A supportive family and friends. 
  8. A safe home to bring our baby home to.
  9. Naps. Thank you naps for making me feel better when I couldn't sleep a whole night.
  10. Chips and dip. Thank you for tasting so good every day the last 10 months. 

So what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Almost time for decorating the tree!

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