19 November 2012

From Pinterest to Practical

The onset of nesting has brought a few more house projects and de-cluttering attempts in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Thank goodness for Saturday afternoons!

My most recent Pinterest interest has been gallery/collage walls. They are wonderful for displaying various pieces of art, pictures or other pieces of eye candy. I was delighted to find some inspiration and show off what the practical looks like in my home.

First, the inspiration:


Next, the actual wall in my home:

Alright, ignoring the spaces that don't have photos yet because I am waiting on photos of baby boy (next week some time we should finally get some!!), I think it turned out well!

Here are some of the elements and where I got them:

  • I had the large floral fabric from another project. It is simply tacked to an old cork board. This works out perfectly as we don't have a mantle or other great shelving in this room. I can pin cards, decorations or what-not to the board and change the fabric when I feel like it
  • I had some of the frames lying around. Others I bought at Wal-Mart for $2-$5 each.
  • I had the floral wall stickers in the room before too. I am not sold on those and they might end up someplace else. I bought these particular ones at Hobby Lobby when we moved in.
  • The mustache framed artwork is a free printable I also found on Pinterst. I was excited to have one frame dedicated to a different print when the mood strikes me. 
  • I decided to go with black and white photos to keep a theme. I noticed that a few of the inspiration walls either had all color or all black and white photos. I think the consistency brings the wall together and makes it look intentional. 
It is not completely aligned or perfect, but I really like the collage look. I makes this once large empty wall really full looking. Since we are renting this townhouse, hooks in the wall are not allowed. I have used the velcro sticky back wall hanging devices, and never had any trouble hanging up to 5-8 lbs.  

I am sure the wall will evolve as time goes on, most of my home decorations do.

In all I spent about 3 hours working on the wall and about $20 in frames and sticky back hangers. Not too bad for a a do it yourself project!

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