04 November 2012

My 3 Minute Rule

A Beautiful Mismatched Table

Keeping things around the house clean can sometimes feel like a HUGE chore. Especially while pregnant (really, bending over is hard!).

I have found that giving myself a simple 3 minute task not only helps me feel like I am keeping things straightened up but also helps boost my mood. If things are put away I feel a sense of ease and enjoyment, two things I always want my home to feel like.  

Here are a few of the things I can accomplish in 3 minutes (or less!)

Sweep the kitchen/bathroom floor. (we don't have a huge kitchen and just a half bath downstairs so this is a quick one for me!)

Make our bed. (somehow a made bed is even more comfortable to snuggle into)

Put away random things all over the house.

Clean and cut fruit or veggies to eat later (I learned this from my mother-in-law, if you clean it, cut it and put it where they will see it, they (my husband) will eat it!)

Start the dishwasher.

Put away laundry. 

Wipe down the sink (any sink).

Do my hair (ok, not a house thing, but it does make me feel girly)

What do you do for a pick me up? What tricks work for you?


  1. I like to put on some of my favorite songs of the moment and jam out like a rock star...it usually cures anything that's troubling me :)

    1. great idea! I should put on some good tunes more often!

  2. I'm definitely with you on that one, Erika! Since my only free day is Sunday, I have very little free time the rest of the week (or energy to clean while I AM home), but I like to keep things from piling up too badly, so I do short little bursts of tidying like you mentioned. I'll go through paper and mail to sort and file or recycle, I'll wipe down counters, clean a sink, dust, straighten up the living room, or rinse out empty containers and put them in the recycling. It helps having a husband who takes care of the dishes for most of the week, so our apartment doesn't look like a complete mess! There's something strangely therapeutic about a tidy and organized living space.

    1. I could not agree more! I feel like I can actually enjoy the space, enjoy my precious free time when things are at least semi-tidy!
      You are lucky to have a great husband that helps! I have one that spontaneously helps when he can. I am always happy for the extra help!