17 November 2012

Pregnancy: Weeks 39 & 40

Looking big and incredibly tired. Almost done!

Weight:  203 lbs. (by the end of week 40 I have gained 60 lbs.) (and YES! for not gaining weight each week for the first time in 10 months!)

Weeks to Go: 0


And super whinny. I feel bad for being whinny. I know there are hundreds of women who cannot get pregnant and desperately wish they could. I am not trying to complain or be "one of those women who can never relish in the moment" but I have waited 10 whole months and just want to meet this wonderful bundle of joy!

As of 11/14, I started my maternity leave. By the time I refiled the paperwork, got my doctor to sign off and returned it to my HR department I might (hopefully!) have a newborn. I am enjoying my time off to relax, make some extra dinners, Christmas shop, get things ready for Thanksgiving, etc.. It is quality me time, which could be just the thing I need.  

What I look like:  Not many clothes fit now. I have a limited selection. All the more reason to have this baby!
I don't really feel bigger and bigger each day any more. I have maintained my weight the last few weeks as well. The nurse I see each week commented that I have "dropped" significantly, so let's go baby!

Oh Things I didn't know about pregnancy until now: Walking is my new best friend. I know they tell women on the onset of labor to get walking but even to get labor started walking is recommended. I have been thinking of places or things to walk to. Church, the store, the gym (to walk some more), the grocery store, the mall, parking far away in a parking lot; you name it I walk to it!

Timeline happenings: As I write this we have less than one week to have this baby naturally or else.

At my last appointment the doctor talked to me about setting up a cesaren section due to a couple of factors:
1. I have only dilated 1 cm so far
2. I am past my due date/
3. Judging from the last ultra sound where the baby was weighting 8 lbs. 7 oz., I might have a baby that is too big for me to delivery naturally. 

I am a little sad about this option. It was not the birthing plan I had wanted but in the end a healthy baby is all that really matters to me. I have been healthy for 10 whole months, so there is no reason to complain about having to change plans. 

We have the c-section planned for November 23rd (Yeah Black Friday baby!). I have a week to get my body to go into labor before then. I really do want to do this thing my myself but I am mentally preparing for the surgery. I know everything will work out the way it is suppose to, it just is a little sad knowing I might not get the whole "let's be in labor for 19 hours experience."

And we have started walking at least an hour a day, plus eating spicy food, plus anything else we can do naturally to get this baby moving!


Things for Baby: We have received additional gifts in the last few weeks, which is so very much appreciated!

We also got an early Christmas gift of a new camera so we can catch all the memories when our little on gets here. I can't wait to take a billion pictures of him!

Speaking of billions of pictures...I am not going to spend all my blogging time bragging about out little one (only about 60% of my time, maybe). I set up a website to share photos with family and friends who might not view the blog as often. If you want more pictures and updates head on over here.

And the Husband says:  We should walk more.

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