28 September 2012

On Pregnancy: Things I Miss & Things I Am Nervous About

The husband in action. Thank goodness I have you!
First, pregnancy is awesome. I hope that every woman who wants to experience it gets a chance. I could not be more happy to be pregnant.


I still miss things. I was thinking about this the other day, wondering how much I really did these things before and if after pregnancy I would still want to do them. Is it because I can't do (or have or feel like doing) that I miss them or do I miss them because they are things I truly enjoy?

Regardless, here is a list of thing I miss:

  • Sushi (sounds so good, guess I could get the veggie only kind...)
  • Road bike riding (I know I can bike ride, but road biking is so much more fun)
  • Running (oh I miss this so much)
  • Coffee (again, I know I could have a little coffee but I tried to cut it out of my diet just to be safe)
  • Coffee creamer (no need to have I guess?!)
  • My old clothes (so sad, they are in a box in a closet)
  • My old shoes (darn you swollen feet)
  • My feet (wish I could reach them)
  • Sweating (goes along with running and biking)
  • Tuna melts (nothing taste as good as with tuna fish than mayo! )
In the list making mood I am in (which is a sign of type A personality I think), here are things I am nervous about (and would welcome any free advice for)

  • Labor. Um yes. How big? Fit where? When? How long? Oh my goodness. The more I read the more I am terrified. I hate to be so doom & gloom about this but it does not sound fun. Once I had a kidney stone (yes, like an old person) and the nurse told me it was worse than giving birth. I hope that is true. On the flip side, one pregnancy book told me if I am positive throughout the entire experience it will go a lot smoother. Uh huh.
  •  Breastfeeding. Never done it. Rarely seen it done. Very nervous about this. I took a class on it last week and I am still nervous. This could be a long first few weeks. I am determined to try it out.
  • Sleeping. My current sleep schedule (8-9 hours on average) still leaves me tired. I can't imagine trying to take care of a tiny human being AND not sleeping. Oh this could get ugly, fast.
And these are only this weeks list of anxieties. I think my whining has increased in the last few months and with that comes anxiety. Thankfully my very rational husband tries to calm me down at least. He is on board with all the decisions so far but like most life events, making plans ahead of time can quickly lead to changing plans in the moment. 

For myself, the best I can do to calm is to focus on relaxing. The husband and I spent most of the afternoon lounging at the beach yesterday. It was a beautiful day, no clouds, a little breeze and perfect temperature. Unwinding after work seems to help too. A quick shower, comfy clothes and some food does the job. I just need to remember to keep calm and everything will be oK!

Let's hope for less pain, more confidence and a little sleep. I would be happy with mediocre sleep I think. 

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