17 August 2011

Oh Happy New Couching!

Wasting my time. That is what I must be doing not writing on this blog.
Actually I have been busy. And time flies when you love your life.
Most nights are relaxing, down time with my husband but recently we have been on a
home improvement kick.
You know when you get started thinking about an idea and then just like that you have
to make it come to life? That is how I operate. I get stuck on one home improvement
idea and need to get all the parts for the project, work on it and finish it in one day.
My husband and I started out thinking about what we could do with our unfinished
basement. There was already some wood paneled walls, a la the ‘70s, and concrete floor
but essentially a blank canvas. We ended up in the flooring section of Lowe’s, eying the
perfect floor solution, tiles. These sticky tiles are great for concrete floors and require
little tools or adhesive products. The tiles were boxed with adhesive backings that pulled
off before sticking to the floor. We hurriedly brought the tiles home, scarffed down a
quick dinner and then heading to our workspace. After staying up until 2 am, moving
a couch at 1:30 am and running a broom over the floor we had finished! The basement
looks great and its now a functioning space for my husband to work in. We added an
older couch, a few lamps, a desk and some stereo equipment to complete the space. Such
a small change made a big impact.
Our second big change came in the form of furniture. The first piece of furniture bought
by us a married couple, hopefully not the last piece. We found a bargain of a price on
a leather sectional, only problem now is the space it takes up in our living room.
There is also the problem of what to put on the walls. Oh gosh, this new couch is turning
out to be a pain! I have a rustic looking large clock, which I love, some pictures, which
are small and not really big enough to fill wall space. I am at a designing dead end. Urgh.
I hate when that happens. I usually try to do a little research via the internet but nothing
caught my eye. Any suggestions?

These are issues that matter.  Just kidding. But I glad that these are the problems I face in mu life.

Last weekend I was blessed to have another friend come to visit. One of my best girl friends came all the way from Michigan. We went over to Northeast and explored the vineyards and the wineries, I even found my new favorite wine at a local winery. Delicious! We got to head over to Presque Isle, ride bikes, run and be outside all day on Sunday. It was a great weekend. Luckily the weather was beautiful all weekend. It was great to see someone familiar and show them around our new town. Its fun to discover new places and be able to enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer. 
It was also great to spend some time with a girlfriend. I love my husband, but a girl will talk about celebrity gossip, fashion and girly thing! It was nice to share what is going on with another girl. I also loved hearing all about her life and what is going on.

Work is going well. We stay busy every week with our customers need products yesterday. Its demanding at points but that is what makes the days go by faster. Unfortunately I am a temp worker so my full hire status is still unsure. I am working hard to do everything I can extra, try to improve process and make sure I show how worthwhile I can be. Going in with a positive attitude is key some days, there are always time when people or things get you down. 

Alright more tv watching time!

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