27 July 2011

another one.

Writing has been my foe this week.
Luckily I have an excuse! We had our first houseguest this week. My husband’s college roommate came for a visit, all the way from Traverse City! We were really excited that someone wanted to drive all that way just to visit, or at least I was. Evan, as I will call the roommate, is a wonderful friend. He is the type of person who seems quiet at first but being around him you realize he is just thinking about his words before they come out. That’s a rare ability to find some times. In today’s society the value of shouting your opinion at the top of your lungs, saying whatever you damn well please whenever you  want, is support by loud media headlines and celebrity outrage. I enjoy his company, his slow methodical thinking and funny conversations. He is quite funny, giving us a joke or short story that makes us laugh. When you are around Evan, he makes you feel comfortable with his kindness of words, very rarely have I ever heard him swear at something, make fun of someone or raise his voice for his own opinion. He is the man who draws people in to friendship not because he is loud about his difference, but rather because of his quiet confidence. I admire his ability to think before he speaks, I wish I could emanate it all the time. I tend to mindlessly jibber jabber about the irrelevant things in life, leaving me feeling like I’ve wasted my words. It might be more of a slow down issue though…

I have been thinking a lot about going back to school for my masters degree. I am cautious though, in such an economy, with the job market difficult enough, does it make sense to increase my value? If I go back to school, spending more money and time on my skills, will that really payoff in the long run? Are companies going to be looking for a masters degree holding sales person? I am not even sure what kind of business I want to be in. Working in manufacturing right now certainly suits what I like to do, but will it be challenging enough? Can an additional degree allow me to move into positions where I can be challenged? I really like the idea of going back to school. I like reading and studying, I even miss it some times. I would be taking a lot of time out of my evenings, but I know enjoying what I am learning will overcome any extra time spent buried in books. I am nervous, it's a big step. And could be an ever bigger opportunity.

At the present, my husband is enrolled in a Doctoral program for Osteopathic Doctors. He is really enjoying his first week but there is a lot of work. even the first day he had several chapters of reading to complete. Its hard to leave him alone all night, just letting him read. Some how being a newlywed and then changing your lifestyle seems difficult to me. It must be the change, going from spending every second outside of work with my husband to now getting a good talk in at dinner and then again right before we fall asleep. I am so happy that he is pursuing his career in the medical field but I know its going to have its rough spots. I enjoy spending time with him, but medical school is not shy about letting you know that other things have to come second. I can't imagine trying to date someone and show them you care during this time. How crazy. In fact, right now as I am typing he is buried in on-line quizzes for exams that are weeks away.

Ok, enough time on-line for me. 

Until next time,

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