25 February 2013

Raphael: Two Months

I can hardly believe it, Raphael is two (as I write this, already three! the plight of motherhood, everything takes longer to do) months old. Everyday he is growing, learning and becoming even more of a little human. Month two was a big month for us, lots of changes in our life including daycare and back to work for me.

Here is what we did in month two:

We took a few baths. Raphael even learned that he didn't mind bath time! We had to bathe via sponge bath for most of this month due to Raphael's bellybutton not fully closing yet. We still need a follow up visit with the doctor before we can get in anything that looks like a real tub, sorry bud.

Bath time with our ducky towel

Such a little gentleman

Raphael played on his play mat. He even started batting at the monkeys! Mike and I listen to more "monkey music" at home that real music now. At least it plays Cannon in D.

But his real favorite toy is a ceramic snowman I had on the table. He talks to it with coos and giggles. I hope it snows a little longer so I can keep the snowman out without looking like I forgot what season it was! (update as I write this post, it has not snowed in a while...it is starting to look silly).

Two months flew by. I cannot imagine how the next 10 will go! I am trying to soak it all in as fast as I can. Luckily I take tons of photos.
And videos. 

Raphael has even started to sleep more than two hours at a time during the night. Not every night, but most. His record is 8 hours IN A ROW! 
That time is so precious to me. I am so thankful for those nights. It helps me get through those other not so great nights.

I returned to work full time this month. I was nervous about the whole bottle feeding thing, but just like the go-with-the-flow kid he is already, Raphael took it well. At first he was particular about the bottle and nipple being warm, but a few weeks in and the ladies at daycare mentioned he took the bottle cold, right out of the fridge. 

I have been able to steal away a few mornings a week to get a run in. Even a brief few miles leads me feeling re-engerized and ready to tackle the day. All the stars have to align in order for me to run, but some careful planning and the right feeding time has allowed me to get out the door. 

I can still hardly believe this wonderful little man is ours.

always, Erika

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