29 October 2011

New York, New York

 officially (of course, I still need to purchase the actual train tickets) I am heading to NYC for my birthday (which just so happens to be during the most beautiful time of year, Christmas!)

Nothing better than turning 24 in the big city. 
Shopping at Macy's done up in its holiday best.
Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center.
Running in Central Park.
Navigating to the best Thai food.

One of my very best girlfriends, my maid of honor at the wedding, moved to NYC in pursuit of her very first big girl job. Although she works crazy house right now because it is earnings season, she has been begging me to come when I could. I finally find a weekend, free and totally available, to visit. I will be taking the Amtrak train on a Friday an returning on Monday. I cannot wait! Expressing my excitement on a blog is difficult. I need more explanation points!!!!

 I am looking forward to seeing my friend, and getting a chance to talk with her. I do love being with my husband, but some times being with my girlfriends brings such happiness. And, she appreciates beautiful shoes. 

Already. I must carve a pumpkin!


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