02 October 2011


It's getting pretty cold out there. If you are in the northern part of the United States, the last few days have either been cold, rainy or windy. real fall like temperatures too. Today here in Erie its only 49 degrees! brrr. I am afraid the heat will have to be turned on for a while. 

Updates today come from the dinner party my husband and I had last week. I am not even sure it gets to be called a dinner party since it was only 4 people but it included wine so it counts! We had over two of my husband's lab partners from medical school. They are both about our age so it was nice to meet people closer to the same age as us. They came around 7 pm and stayed until way past 10 o'clock, so I guess they enjoyed our company! We talked a lot about their school and what is going on with their classes. It was so interesting to find out what they liked and didn't like about school. Although I don't go to school with them its nice to feel involved with my husband's school. I took a quick photo of the table to share!

Its been a lot of routine things going on this week for me. After taking a week off running I have started back up again in hopes to start marathon training this week. I am going to give my self over 24 weeks to prepare. I think I am going to go the Toledo Glass City Marathon. Its not until April of next year but getting a good solid base for training will be key. I really want to qualify for the Boston Marathon. My dream of running in that legendary race is what will keep my going as the days get colder and shorter. There will be a lot of miles and tons of time spent, but it will all be worth it.

A few weeks ago my husband found a new game to play in our house. He discovered that we had some pesky birds on our patio that liked to relieve themselves on our table, chairs and patio floor. He decided that he could catch one and then...you know, i have no idea what he was going to do with it but i let him try to catch it. These kind of stories are my favorite because he gets really great ideas, tries them out enthusiastically and usually they end up less than successful. The birds were no exception. He tried for two days trying to attract the birds, "bread doesn't work!", create a make-shift cage and then rig up a system. At one point during the conquest we took out the screen in the upstairs bedroom so he could attach one of the cages by a rope in hopes of dropping it over a bird (that tactic did not work). I took a photo of this event as well. I really got a good laugh out of it. He is wonderfully creative, a little adventurous and kind of silly but he always entertains me! He never caught a bird, but he did enjoy trying to. 

I suppose this awful gloomy day beckons me to read so off I go.

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