25 October 2011

Rain Delay

Long time, no update huh?
The last week has just flown by! 
I have been living up to the definition of work at my job. It is hard to sit for so long, but there is so much to do. I come in every day with a seemingly longer list of "to dos". Once I get finished with one task I immediately turn to another "hot" issue. phew.  I am still enjoying the job, and I love being busy. I have had a few extra task come across my desk in the last few weeks. I become the local expert at Excel spreadsheets since my daily work is almost entirely run in them. I am not an expert, trust me, but I think the longer I look at them every day I will get it all eventually.

I have even managed to start the creative aspects behind a new local website for our branch. The parent company has come up with the prototype for the website in terms of layout, but our branch gets to come up with the content. I am super excited as I get to be a little more creative than working on a spreadsheet all day.  I have employed a few of my fellow employees to help with the content and copy, so the task is divided up. I cannot wait to spend more time working on it. In fact, I better get more work done to have more time for it. This is the kind of marketing and sales I always envisioned.

My husband had a lot of test this last week and the stress seemed to take a toll on him. He paced a lot around the house and was antsy to take the test. I think after you study for 16+ hours on a subject you would just like to take the test and get it over with. He has been working all semester on anatomy, which is by far the hardest class so far. The entire semesters worth of work came down to this one test. There is so much pressure built into going to medical school. I know doctors need to know everything all the time, so the pressure to get it right is necessary. My husband handles it so well, I would be a mess lying on the ground crying under all that stress.

 It has been awfully rainy here the last few days (ok, its been the whole week) so I have retreated to the gym for many of my runs. Although I do like staying dry, running around that 200 meter track can be a little daunting. I put in an hour on it on Saturday, and boy I felt like a hamster. Winter here is going to be harsh, so there will be lots of indoor days for me. It takes some getting use to, and I feel like my former teammates would make fun of me for being such a pansy. At least I am still out there running. Right?

Upside of rainy days is the influx of movie watching! I do like to have time to watch a good flick, and no better time then when its pouring out. My husband and I took in a few good ones last week; Four Brothers, Franklyn, Nine and In the Land of Women. I highly recommend Nine if you are the musical loving type. I really enjoyed Four Brothers as it is set in Michigan. It has a lot of twist and turns so it is very engaging. Franklyn, um its dark, not recommended.  And In the Land of Women, I liked it and it has Kristen Stewart pre-Twilight, its kind of strange but humorous.

Until I decide I need to write more, Ciao!

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