26 September 2011

Take Care

Talk about a lame weekend. I spent most of my lovely weekend held up on the couch with the worst cold. Fever, shivers, runny nose and body aches. It was a well spent two days lounging around as I feel better today but I hate losing a weekend to a sickness. I was able to catch up on sleep and my television episodes, so I will count that as progress. 

It was another beautiful weekend in Pennsylvania. The temperature felt cool but you could be outside without a coat or sweatshirt. My husband and I took a scenic bike ride around the state park near us. It was beautiful to see the leaves starting to change. It really makes it that much more beautiful to see reds and oranges on the trees. We felt pretty darn sick after that ride, but it was nice to be outside. We got some apple cider and donuts on the way home from one of the local markets. Another great thing about fall, all that warm apple cider. I am all about fall!

Although Mondays seem to drag on and on sometimes (case of the Mondays anyone?), today I am looking forward to our first ever dinner party in Pennsylvania! My husband has a few lab partners from his medical school that want to meet me. I thought it would be nice to cook them a meal this week. I know they had a big test today and making a full meal is probably not on top of their to-do list. I am happy that my husband is making friends and enjoying his time at school. When he first started school I know he missed his college friends, who had been there for four years. I am sure he was reluctant to find new friends as he didn't want to replace any of his old ones, even though that would never happen. Its good to feel like you have someone to talk to at your work/school. Days can get lonely if you never talk! I can't wait to have people over that are my age! I have yet to make a friend who is my age. I try, I really do, I just have not found anyone yet. Hopefully this will be my chance!
I am making goulosh, bread, pumpkin bread and apple pie. Can you tell I am excited? 

I will let you know how it goes!

Have a non-Monday Monday!


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