11 September 2011

time travel

this is a positive turn around. i have starting to think ahead about what i am going to blog about before i start typing. i might actually write more than twice in two years. 

before i go and talk about myself, a shout out to our wedding photographer. Caryn Ashley Photography did our engagement and wedding photos. She was wonderful to work with and extremely professional. I would highly recommend her if you are in the Michigan area and looking for a wedding, senior or family photographer. Check out her website at: http://carynashleyphotography.com/

a lot of my thoughts this week have been about music. i love music. all kinds of music. i listen when i am cleaning, cooking, writing this blog, reading, while on the phone and running. I like the beat of some songs, others remind me of my husband, and some are just feel good tunes. in high school we had to make a life CD filled with songs that meant something to us. i loved the project, and I am sure if i dug it out of the "erika's box of life" it would remind me of my high school self.  in honor of that project and my thoughts of music, here's a short list of my favorites (with Youtube videos of course!).

  • Toto's Rosana: I used to have a Billboard 1982 cd that I stole from my parents. this was by far my first memory of a song i liked
  • Jay Sean's Down: I think this has the highest played rating on my itunes. best song to sing along to i think.
  • The Proclaimers, I'm Gonna Be: reminds my of my husband. he dances a little whenever this song is on. at our wedding people went crazy about this song!
  • Ben Folds' Luckiest : this song reminds me how wonderful my life is. no matter the day
and that really is the short list! I could go on for a while. a lot of the music i like changes with my mood or time in my life but there are always classics that i come back to. a good song can always make me run faster, smile bigger or give an extra hug. What are your favorites? and why? what makes music meaningful to you?

only a WEEK until the half-marathon. i went to the course on saturday and ran part of the loop backwards so I could get a good feel for the course. can you tell that I ran in college? I know the course well as I have run almost all of my long runs there since we moved to Erie, but I just wanted to make sure. I am getting nervous but i know those nerves will help me go faster. just have to keep it in for 5 miles before I start racing, that will be the tough part. 

it's a friday night tradition in our house to watch a movie or tv shows on friday after work/school. this week was a few episodes of Lost, yes the ABC show that probably no one watched. we have all six seasons. i am on season 5. almost done. i never watched the show when it was on cable, but my husband is getting me caught up. funny thing about the show is that i don't think it makes sense but its addicting! I have to watch the next episode so i know what is going on or who dies. argh. i did not think i would be interested in the show, but here i am almost done with the entire series. and i can't believe it last siz seasons. really. some of the story lines are a bit far fetched. my husband had a roommate in college who used to make fun of him for watching it. he told us that he read that the writers only wrote a few episodes because they thought the show would flop. and i can see why. i will have to finish the series now though, i need to know what happens to the island! 

I have had a lot more time to cook since getting married, perhaps that is how it works. less things to plan, make and coordinate after work. more time to prepare wonderful meals! I recently made a delicious bacon meatloaf. It went over ok with my husband, a few too man onion bits perhaps. i thought it was great. i have been baking a lot of sweets lately too. brownies, cookies, cakes, etc.. i even grill!

I never really learned a lot of basic cooking techniques growing up but i have a new appreciation for good cooking. It relaxes me a lot after a long day. I feel good making a meal and then getting to enjoy the results. I am glad that I have taken an interest in it, it was on my mental list of things to be better at as I got older. I always envisioned myself as a better cook and its good to realize a wish like that. I feel accomplished in some arena that i once only thought about. i have always been a thinker about what i could do better, or start to do. it seems like the older I get the more obtainable this wishes are. that is one of the great parts of growing up.

Alright, sunday at 10:55 pm, I have seen enough of you.


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