24 September 2011


Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.
That's how I felt on Sunday at 10 am after waking up at 4:45 am, running 13.1 miles and eating banana. 
You probably couldn't wipe the smile off my face if you tried.

Erie Half Marathon Results 

I am ecstatic that I signed up. After months of debating with myself, asking if I was ready or could even run that far that fast, I did. And now I am more energized then ever to run more, further and faster. I cannot wait to sign up for a marathon. I am thinking that I want some more time to train, get long runs under my belt and figure out that whole drinking water while running thing. I am still confused and baffled that people can actually drink water or gatorade WHILE RUNNING. Serious skill. I gulped down about a half cup around mile 7 and that was about all I could manage to get in my mouth. It did make me feel better, but it added some time to my race time. I am going to have to experiment with that stuff as a train for a marathon.

any ideas on which marathon to do in the spring? I think there is one in Buffalo, NY which isn't too far...i will have to do some more research on the area to see what will be the best option. training through the winter in a town next to a Great Lake could be a challenge, but I am enthusiastic (and a sadist).

I have been addicted to fashion blogs as of late. New York Fashion Week happened to be on my radar and I needed to keep up with some of my favorite designers. Not that I am a fashion slave, but I do like to see what is trending for spring and how I can start to look for the newest styles. Coming from a small mid-western town, my fashion knowledge has come from a lot of reading on-line and in magazines. Its funny though, I like to see what is new in terms of style, but can't force myself to buy all the trendy items. I like classic fashion, a  mix of preppy style and timeless pieces. I would much rather buy an accessory that is in style than a whole wardrobe that will be out of style soon enough. Fashion blogs have been lighting up with soft palates and lots of patterns, both of which i love! I cannot wait to get some of those striped shirts paired with flow-y silk skirts. But for now I will have to wear my favorite boots and warm sweaters. darn.

It finally feels like fall around here, and I am very glad! I love fall colors, scents and food. Fall is my favorite season by far. I think its the most beautiful and enjoyable of the seasons since you can be outside without having to sweat like a maniac! You can cook warm meals and heat up the whole house with good smells. In our house we have already had some acorn squash and apples from a local orchard. I have a new recipe for vegetable soup and classics like chili and goulash always test better in the fall. Its a tradition in my family to make goulash in the fall, I have some of my fondest memories involving goulash at my Grandparents cottage. Something about warm food and fall make me feel comfortable.  
I am getting hungry already!

Its also my favorite time for new socks! One of the small luxuries I enjoy in life (good coffee being the number one luxury!) The feeling of warm toes and squishy padding under my feet could not be more welcomed. I once said in an interview that new socks were one of my favorite things to buy (side note: I did not get that job). Its amazing that you can find such joy in little things. 

Ok. Another stellar week ahead for me. 
I promise to write sooner.

Your pal,


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