07 September 2011

Crooked Pages.

You ever have one of those days where it seems like the smallest things annoy you. I mean annoy you so bad you roll your eyes, you swear muffled under your breath and are just plain cranky?
Yes. That was my day yesterday.
I really like my job. In fact, its one of the best jobs I have ever had (my stint as a running store employee was my favorite though). I like the people I work with, my day to day task are enjoyable and I am allowed to be creative with advertising. I am happy there. But some times there are moments where I get so annoyed. I have no idea why. An outside stressor? A mental breakdown? A frustration not properly vented? I try to analyze the situation, review the mistakes I made and figure out how to prevent it but yesterday it was just there. The thing that got me was crooked pages- the stapling of pages together while being crooked. It just looks awful. I have to remove the staple, re-staple the page and then move on. There is no one criminal, no one to always blame but they appear. I have no idea why pages are staple pre-alignment, it does not seem like a daunting task to complete. I must be too type A to deal with crooked pages.
Resisting the urge to bring it up to a co-worker, I am addressing my frustrations here.  Thank you blogspeher for listening to my senses frustrations.
I feel better. Phew.

Other new happenings in life: A Job!
Perhaps I should recap: currently I work for a temporary employment agency. I have been assigned to my current position but still receive a pay check from the temp agency. I was approached with a different job opportunity with a different company last week. I wanted to remain at my current job so I approached my boss with the situation. Thankfully he was understanding of the situation and how I might be able to stay with the company, not the temp agency. I am still waiting for all the paperwork, but I hopeful it will all work out. Job security is very nice.         

Oh, and the in-laws were here! AH!
No, just kidding they really are great. I am glad to show them around and can’t wait to show off the townhouse, a very clean townhouse I might add. We went out to Waldermeer park, the Zoo, a picnic on the beach and play many rousing board games. I won two rounds of Settlers of Catan, the boys were mad! The weather was beautiful on Saturday and our trip to the amusement park was action packed. My neck did hurt the day after however. I think I am getting too old. A real problem when you are in your twenty's.

Running is going ok this week. Not the best though. I am having trouble recovering for the next day’s workout/run. I ran a good 8 on Tuesday and ever since then it’s been hard to make the legs go. I didn’t run with my GPS on Tuesday, braving just the timed watched for the run, so I am not completely sure of the pace but it felt faster than 7:45/mile. I think perhaps I am eating too little. What a problem, right? I eat a good breakfast, but I am always starving by lunch. Some how lunch doesn’t fill me up and I am starving again when I get home. I have not been very good about snacking twice during the day. I used to do that in college every day, but now I am out of the habit. I guess I will have to get back into the routine of eating more.
Only 11 days until the half marathon!

Happy Wednesday to all my followers (and future followers, I hope!)

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