15 March 2012

Running Essentials 101

There are literally hundreds of items runners use to keep healthy and have a fun, safe run. If you are new to running or just getting back into the swing of things, the marketplace can seem overwhelming.

Literally, one company of running shoes could have hundreds of options for shoes! Not to mention color choices, oh my!

Never fear! I am here to bring you running essentials 101! 

Now, I am not a coach (although that would be awesome, so e-mail me if you want my running resume!) or a certified expert. Instead, I am just a one woman show who has tested many products over many miles. I didn't always have a guide or book to reference, but through some time trials and bloody toes later I have found great products. I hope the guide helps you find some running essentials that make it easier and happier for you to run.

My parents helped by introducing  me to basic running clothes and shoes in High School. My dad was predominantly a football and basketball coach so we didn't have knowledge of the hundreds items runners use..As my sisters and I grew older, and wiser in our sports, we learned the tricks of the trade thanks to friends and teammates. When you're in high school, a good pair of training shoes, spikes and sport bras seem to do the trick.

I was lucky enough to have a job at a local running store while in high school. There I learned what kind of products were available and how they could help me run better. In college, when running became a serious relationship for me, I learned from my coach and teammates.

Not all shoes are alike, just as no runner is alike. What fits and feels comfortable to you might make someone else cringe. Wear what you find best suits you. I would love to look like I just walked out of the Athleta catalog after I get done running but instead I am a mismatch of sweaty cotton clothes.

I have been waiting to make a post like this for a while. I think about it every time I lace up my running shoes, picking out what products and accessories I wanted to showcase for you. I love finding new products and accessories that work well, I hope you can find something that suits your needs too!

All of the running equipment and accessories are things I actually use, pretty much on a daily basis. Some times I change the kind of shoe I buy, but if I know some thing works well I stick with it. Some articles of running clothes that work well I have had for over 5 years (and they smell like it some times...)

Click here for my version of running essentials:

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