30 March 2012

Week 4 Cleaning Clutter: Reader's Choice

This week in the word of clutter: the basement.

EEEKK! Mainly due to the fact that since we moved in in July I have gone through about zero boxes. 

We had left over "stuff" that we just kept in boxes and haven't even unpacked. Fair enough, there is one box labeled wedding things. That one will stay like that. Hopefully forever (or at least until my husband finds out I kept EVERY left over program from out wedding. it seemed important at the time...)

I decided to tackle the boxes and go through each one to get rid of crap. Like the hoards of vases left over from the wedding. I am serious, we have about 40. If you need clear small & medium square vases for graduation, wedding, etc. e-mail me. I will sell them on the cheap! No joke. 

We have not accumulated tons of stuff yet so my project was not too big. It took my about an hour. I was on a sorting spree. 

We also had some random kitchen things we no longer use, a plate holder to a plate I broke months ago, random picture frames (SO MANY FRAMES! WHY?) 

I started with a large pile and sorted it down to about 5 boxes of things that we needed to keep (yes, I still have all the programs. one day I will get rid of them. I swear!)

 This is my husband's side. I tried not to get rid of much here.

The casualities: some empty boxes, picture frames, random decor I don't use and unused kitchen utensils.

That feels better. 

And that is the last week of de-cluttering for me with Simple Mom! Thanks for all the help and inspiration!


  1. You could try selling the vases on Craigslist. I was able to sell my barely used candleabra candles from my wedding on there.

  2. Hi there - Congrats, you're one of the winners of week 4 of Project Simplify! I couldn't find a contact email here on your blog, so I thought I'd just write you here.

    Please send your full name and mailing address to my admin at hello @ simplemom . net, and we'll get your book in the mail. Oh, and please mention in the subject line that this is because you're a winner from week 4 (so my admin will know what you're talking about...) :).