25 March 2012

Week Two Cluttler Cleaning: Kitchen & Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet. Urgh.
That is what I think of when someone mentions cleaning those.

Do I have to?

Better yet, why shouldn't I?

Tell you the truth, we moved in last July to our current home and that was probably the last time I really cleaned the cabinets. If you think about how much use they get every day, each meal and throughout out the history of the home; cabinets really should be cleaned a lot more!

I try to always wipe up spills, but really cleaning every shelf? Um, nope.

With this (read: really last weeks) clean up, I took the time to organize and really get rid of things in our cabinets we don't use.  Here is how I clean the cupboards:

1. I took out all the food items and sorted by what we use vs. what we NEVER use.

2. I wiped down all the cabinets with warm water and baking soda. Baking soda usually makes any strange smells disappear as well as is safe around food products (you use it in baking for heaven's sake!)

3. I rearranged the cabinet shelves to make the best use of our space, ours are moveable!

4. I put most of the baking items at the top and items we use every day near the bottom (I can't reach the top shelf without a stool or chair!)

At least a little better!

 I realized that we had a lot of one time or odd ingredients that were expired. We have a eat-the-entire-cupboard-rather-than-throwing-things-away policy at our house but I let it slide for these items.

We don't have a pantry or a large food only cupboard, so we tend to keep on hand what we know we can eat in a week. Cleaning out the cupboards gave us some extra space for new goodies.

I also cleaned the "junk drawer" we have. It serves a great purpose to keep things off the counters when we want to cook as we don't have tons of counter space. I got rid of of two of the THREE phone books we had and some random pieces of paper. It looks good enough for a junk drawer.

Junk Drawer. Good Enough.

It was nice to see more space in the cupboard and get rid of items we don't use. Now it's time to grocery shop!

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