12 March 2012

Week One Clutter Cleaning: Husband's stuff

Clutter Take One.

It seems like clutter can be a never ending task. One day you get rid of 3 things and the next you accumulate 5 more. I am striving to have less stuff, less mess and less clutter.

My first house hot spot was my husband's clothing and dresser. Since we have an extra room and some extra closet space, we keep my husband's clothes in there. We got an awesome dresser from a garage sale (can you say $5?!) when we moved in. Although he has to jockey his clothes around when we have company, it generally works out. I had been hinting at this de-cluttering project for a few weeks, so when it came time he was on board and ready to get rid of items. 

First, this is what it looked like when we started:


Things were really piling up! 

This is how we cleaned:

1.  My husband took out everything from the dresser and on top. 

2. He sorted the clothes into piles by type (jeans, shirts, long sleeves, etc.).

3. After discovering he had 8 pairs of jeans (we both are clothes horses some times!), he tried every pair on to see if they fit and if he liked them.

4. We made donation, keep and throw away piles. We found a few pairs of gym shorts that a previous dog had chewed through, those we threw away.

5. We keep those clothes sorted and put them away together so he could find each type of clothing easier. 

6. We hung up any items that needed to go in the closet.

7. We piled everything to donate in the car and off we were! 

Really it was simple and he was willing to get rid of things that no longer fit or were worn in. He is much better at making quick decisions about what to keep! I even took some of his energy and got rid of items I debating donating before. 

This is what it looks like now! Much better!

We felt inspired enough to get rid of a few winter items that we both noticed we didn't wear. 

Overall, this was a great project for us. Since we have been married, I haven't gone through his clothing or seen him get rid of things. Some of the items had seen better days, and are in a better place now!

I also took the liberty of turning this...

into that!

Stay tuned for next weeks de-cluttering project!



  1. I'm super impressed by your organization skills! Want to come help me?? :)

  2. Erika, I had no idea you were such a prolific blogger! Fantastic blog, now that I've been looking through it (and I'll be following it from now on!). I like this post especially; I had to go through the same thing with Jeff recently. He had about 50 pairs of underwear and 50 pairs of socks (no exaggeration), plus clothing he hadn't actually worn since high school, and he wouldn't have gone through it on his own. This must be a guy thing, really! :-P

    1. Shauna, Thanks for reading! I really enjoy your blog as well.
      I know, seriously, men have an odd sense of what to keep when it comes to clothes. Thank goodness we are here to help!
      Hope all is well!