04 February 2012

Living Disconnected

I often receive criticism because I seem "disconnected" to many of the modern conveniences we take for granted. Family members and friends alike all comment on my absence from social media, online communities or texting.

"Why don't you [insert action here] like every one else?"
"Why don't you post every single picture you take of your self on-line?" 
"Why don't you just check [some sort of social media]?"

It is not that I am against or opposed to any of the above actions. Truly, if I hated social media and on-line communities would I have a blog? I don't think I would even bother if I didn't see the benefits of writing on this blog. There are many ways to express yourself on-line, blogging is my chosen venue. 

That being said, I don't engage in every form of social media or social connection there is. Neither my husband or I have texting on our cell phones (I even still have a "flip phone"). We don't have cable. We pay a set amount for an allotted amount of internet usage and when it's gone for the month we stay off the internet. These things might seem silly to others, but the truth is...

We like living life "disconnected".

Now, we don't live in black holes. I love my Google reader and get updates from various news sources daily. We both watch the news on a regular basis. I check my e-mail daily. I write on a blog and try to contribute to on-line communities as much as possible. My husband has a lot of school work on-line and watches many lectures on the internet. 
There are many reasons we choose not to stay connected 24/7. It's expensive to have the latest phone (not to mention the phone plan!). Cable is a large cost as well. We both like to spend quiet time at home relaxing. We both have other hobbies that don't require being in contact with people every second. The list goes on...

But when it comes down to it, we like life to be real, exciting and engaging

Life is so short. Being too connected does not bring me any more happiness. I don't need my cell phone to give live updates to the latest Facebook happenings. I don't have to chat with all my friends 24/7.  And I don't need to watch all the crud that is on tv. Honestly. 

I have grown up with wonderful technology that brings millions together in great ways. I am glad technology has advanced to better human kind. But I don't need it in my face at all the time. 

I am sure the criticism will continue. People will find this no texting capability strange and "old fashioned" (I once last a potential friend after she told me she'd text me and I said I didn't have texting but she could call. She never called). I might not know who is dating who at any given second or where some one went for spring break, but I certainly know what is important to me. 


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  1. I'm happy with whatever way you choose to communicate as long as I am able to keep in touch with you! People need to be more accepting of the fact that everyone is allowed to live their lives in whatever fashion they want to. No two people will be the same and that is what makes our world so amazing!! You are fantastic <3