19 February 2012

New Look!

Back when I started this blog I thought it would be a good way to let family and friends know what was going on in our lives, now that we are hundreds of miles apart. I quickly found that I like writing on this blog more than just what is going on day to day.

So I hope you like the new look and new set up. I am going to focus on three categories: Life, running and cooking.  

Life- I know this a broad category and maybe one day it will get narrowed down but for now I will write about life advice, experiences and the little joys. I want to share with you all the awesome things life has to offer! I am always striving to find true happiness, energy and peace in my life. I hope this blog helps you find what you are looking for too.

Running- Behind my faith and love for my family, running is up there on my list of important things. I love running, exercising and being outside. I hope this category shows you the joy and peace running can give you. Especially as a woman, I hope I can give you practical & useful advice. I am not a running expert, but I hope my passion can give you motivation to run!

Cooking- This category is a work in progress! Since living on my one after college and getting married, I find myself in the kitchen often. I love to bake and cooking has become a great joy. I love to learn new recipes, kitchen tools and cooking styles. I hope this category can give you "I learned it the hard way" advice so you too can learn to like cooking. I am not the best chef, but I find myself reading, learning and using more cooking advice which I want to share. 

My goal is make this blog more focused on a few things, in hopes that I can share my passions with others. 

I hope you find enjoyment and practical advice for you life.  

What would you like to see from me? What kind of things interest you? What do you want more (or less) of? 


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