01 February 2012

Resolve Check In

Wow, it's almost the end of January already. Before you know it, spring will be here!

I thought it was time for a check in on my resolutions. 

1. Put things away, right away: I am doing much better in this category! I have improved my skills as well as gotten rid of a lot of junk. Thus, I have less to put away. It's a wonder I went this long without figuring out that was easier than continuing to pick up crap I don't need. Less stuff = less cleaning, see #2.

2. Buy less = clean less: Not only have I not bought things I don't need but I have gotten rid of things I had but didn't use. Less stuff = less cleaning.  This really is a better way to live.

3. Clean a little each day to make it easier: Almost. I do well for a few days but the weekend seems to throw off my groove. I am not perfect at cleaning, but taking care of little task each day cuts down on my total time spent cleaning. I make an effort to make our bed every day, start the dishwasher before going to bed and start laundry in the mornings when I can.

4. Create a "black book" & keep it up to date: I told my husband about the "black book" and he asked why a married woman needed a book of all the men she dated. Um, come again? Yeah, I was not aware of the synonym of "black book".  
So no, I didn't not intend to create a book with a list of men I have dated. What I wanted to do was create a binder with all the relevant information about my husband & I. Like our insurance information, hospital visits, medical history, contact information, etc.. I have named the book "The Albano's" instead.
And, check! I did it last weekend and printed it out. It is all set and up to date.

5. Do more things I love: Check. I spent more time with my husband. I ran a lot. I started a new knitting project (and almost finished it!). I love my life and this goal is going well.

6. Lose 10 pounds: Um. We'll check into this one in a few months.
7. Get rid of things I don't use/ don't take things I don't need: Ok. This goes with my first & second goals. It is a work in progress, but I did clean out my closet yesterday...

So far my 2012 is going well. I am happy with the goals I set for myself. It's always a sign of good goals when they are realistic and make improvements to my daily life.  I have lots of time left in 2012 to make my other goals realities.

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  1. I KNOW you can achieve all of these goals, Erika!! I'll be your 2nd best cheerleader...behind Mike of course :)