11 November 2011

Closet Confessions

As this title implies, I have a confession. 

I have WAY too many clothes. Let it be know that I acknowledge this fact. I think I realized it some time in college when I could have 2 or 3 girlfriends over for a clothing hand out. Literally, clothes I didn't not wear were given away. 

I am not sure that I have a cloth obsession, but I do like to shop. Picking up things here and there as I see them, getting a great deal and buying two, or finding some great fitting jeans then "needing" two pairs (c'mon, good jeans are hard to find!) I also have been given clothes, as it would happen I have been the same size since about 8th grade. So here I am with a closet full of confessions.

This confession shifted into an internet hunt for good ways to slim down my closet. In my never ending quest to make my life simpler, I know my closet needs a diet. I will always have a love to shop, but it's never going to be realistic to have a stuffed closet. Other needs come, and should come, before my latest need for black pants. There is also the fact that giving away clothes is helping others and recycling in one. How great of an idea?! Good can come of this dieting, I just know it!

I have tried to go through my beloved closet each season, getting rid of things I did not wear in a particular season or find I am too old for (let the record show I had a few "brand across my chest" shirts in my drawer. They don't scream successful adult so away they went). This trick however, was not doing the trick. I am still stuffed! What to do? 

I really like Kendi's mix of style and practicality. I admire her ability to create such an engaging and interesting blog about fashion and life. I also love the fact that the pictures on her blog are her, wearing her own things! How great is that? Kendi posted about a 30 for 30 day wardrobe challenge. Pick 30 pieces (or how ever many you have) and make them work for 30 days. I love the idea!! I know that I can live with less but some times it's hard to figure out which 30 things work the best. I also love the fact that I can try and challenge myself not to shop for 30 days. This way, the money I save can go toward to new items I discover I might need (like perhaps with all the shirts I have I learn I need a skirt!). Not to mention saving money, but helping to weed out my current closet. I think if I can visualize the 30 things I can wear often, I can give up the clothes I think I will wear. 

And what better place to display my findings then here! Perfect match! I will attempt to take photos of each outfit I wear each day (start date to be determined) so you and I can see the progress, and comment on it!
More details to follow for sure!

I cannot wait! This is going to be fun!
Maybe I'll start tomorrow?!

Wanna take the challenge with me?

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