28 November 2011

Thanks & Giving

So nothing like a blur of a week. I swear that I sat down but I sure don’t feel that way.

I am not hung over on turkey, but lacking in sleep. Even after a 2 hour nap yesterday I am still exhausted. In light of that, my post for the last 7 days has been lacking.

I will do a quick summary and then start new with pictures from today.

In the last week I wore:
  • flare jeans (multiple times!)
  • black t-shirt with black sweater
  • white t-shirt with orange sweater
  • gray sweater with white long sleeve t-shirt
  • blue t-shirt with black sweater
  • pink sweater with black shirt and black skirt
  • striped black & white shirt
  • white sweater, black shirt and skirt 
  • and a purple sweater.
I wore a few of the t-shirts with a combination of sweaters in the last week. I can’t even remember all the combinations (due lack of picture taking!) but I didn’t stray from the 30, I promise! 

I spent a lot less time thinking about what I wanted to wear and more time with my family this week. And I like that.

Today’s outfit included one my favorite accessories, leg warmers! What better way to make sure your legs are toasty warm inside those boots?

My lack of writing made this blog seem lackluster but I did make it through the biggest meal I have ever made! There were a few tears while sitting around the table with family. It was an awesome weekend. I am very proud of myself and hope I get the opportunity to make that kind of meal again. I loved having everyone around while baking up a storm (homemade cheesecake, anyone?).

It also so happened that there was a 5k and 10k at the State Park this weekend. why not add 6 miles to the cooking! Results? Ok! Click here! There are four of us to find, go!

Even after all that rushing around we still managed to put up our very first Christmas tree. I am very sentimental and it meant so much to me to have our first tree as a married couple. Could I be any cheesier? 

So in spite of of my lack of pictures of outfits this week here is my offering:

Have a great week! I'll write again soon!
The Albano's First Christmas tree!

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  1. If you're cheesy and sentimental, so I am. I definitely think the first Christmas tree is monumental! Now is when you begin the traditions of the Albano family - that's important.