13 November 2011

Day 0: 30 for 30

Ok. Ladies and Gents. Here is its. The official start to my 30 for 30 clothing challenge. 
I wanted to take some time (about 48 hours) to figure out what I could live with and leave behind. I have even taken the extra clothes out of the closet just so I am not tempted to wear anything else. 

I did set some boundaries for myself:
  • I run a lot, so running clothes are out of the challenge. They are not counted as 30 pieces I selected.
  • Clothes worn on Satruday morning while lounging around the house don't count (really, I shouldn't be going any where in them any ways!)
  • Tank tops, accessories, shoes are not counted as part of the 30 (although I will try to only wear a few pairs of shoes to see how I can get by!)
Alright, want to see what 30 pieces of clothing looks like?

Here's what I selected:
  1. Black Skinny Pants
  2. Skinny Jeans
  3. Flare Jeans
  4. Black Shirt
  5. Khaki Skirt
  6. Black Long Sleeve Dress
  7. Dark Blue Skirt
  8. Charcoal Dress Pants
  9. Black front button sweater
  10. Gray ruffled shirt
  11. Polka Dot dress
  12. Cream sweater
  13. Gray sweater
  14. Black Knit Sweater
  15. Long sleeve white shirt
  16. Short sleeve black shirt
  17. Short sleeve white shirt
  18. Short sleeve light blue shirt
  19. White dress shirt, long sleeve
  20. Pink turtle neck
  21. Sweater vest
  22. Black & White Striped shirt
  23. Long Sleeve blue shirt
  24. Orange button front sweater
  25. Pink shrug sweater
  26. Purple V-neck sweater
  27. Green ruffled shirt
  28. Butterscotch colored cowl neck shirt
  29. Purple & Black flower patter top
  30. Brown Dress pants
phew. Ok. The official wearing starts tomorrow. I will be attempting to take a picture of each outfit as well. I am going to see how many combinations I can think of (i know there is a math equation involving the "!" to figure that out but I am being creative!).

Can't wait? Check back tomorrow!

Always, Erika


  1. Oooo... I'm super excited to keep up with your posts on this! I love looking at the outfits people put together. You can be sure I'll be a regular, checking in on your latest mix and match outfit. :) Have fun!

  2. By the way, I love the new lay-out. Simple, but oh-so-cute!

  3. Thank you Eva! I hope that the challenge works out. I am excited to see how creative I can get.