18 November 2011

the craziness

besides being a sadist, i am slightly crazy. and I can explain. 

it's cause: wanting to run a marathon
it's problem: darkness + lots of miles + life + work 

literally this is what one of my runs looked like last week 

The red lines are my running "tracks" or where I went. Ha. This is great. When I wear my GPS watch at the gym and run around a 200 meter track this is what I get. This really looks like a hot mess, which is how I feel after some runs any ways. 
So this is why I am slightly crazy. I run around a track over 48 times in one workout.

I have not even gotten close to super crazy, but it's coming soon.
I can feel it. There will be plenty more post about the craziness that is life.

All signed up for my next 10K too! I am running with my family in the local Turkey Trot here in Erie. I have not raced in a while but I am looking forward to it. I convinced my father-in-law, husband and brother-in-law to run with me too. The Albano racing team will be in full force. Look out Erie road racing!

More on the closet challenge, weekend and adventures and trip plans. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!

Always, Erika

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