09 November 2011


In the realm of usual-ness I think I fall pretty standard. Married, living in the Midwest, working full time.
There is not a day that goes by that I would change any part of that equation (ok, I could live anywhere and be ok with it) but nothing in my life screams "I need to blog about this because I know people want to know!"
 i.e.-I am not a celebrity, I am not a hot new fashion designer trying to launch a new line, and I am not the heir to the British throne. 

Why blog then?

This question lead me to think about purpose the other day. Purpose for my running has become increasingly important. I am following a marathon plan that requires I run a specific workout each day with a purpose in mind (Jack Daniel's Running formula if you are interested!). The book I am reading about it stresses that you need to define a purpose before you start in order to make it worthwhile. And its a good practice. Spend time thinking about the purpose before you feel like you have wasted 2 hours. I rather like having a set goal for each run, a way to not only just run some miles but keeping in mind the reason I am putting in all the work.

I tried to think of other things I do that are purposeful. I found that the things I know the purpose for make me feel more positive, effective and I enjoy doing them. This blog feel in the hmm... purpose category. I do enjoy writing on this blog and I am happy to see page views, but does it serve a purpose? I thought about it, decided to write about it and found this purpose: I like to write. I like my life (as Hollywood-less as it is!) and I like to let people know what is going on. I love writing e-mails, and sitting down to write a letter is always good, but this blog allows to me update instantly. And that is neat. It will probably never get a rave review from the Wall Street Journal or an award for more interesting topics but as long I an enjoy it for myself I will keep it up. 

Purpose-filled. Satisfied. Ready to blog again and again. 

Thank you to those who find my blog interesting enough to read. mushy as it sounds, I am glad!

I will try to keep it full of life's little moments that are so great. Oh, and maybe some beautiful shoes.



  1. Glad you're here to stay! I hope life is going great... simplicity is underrated. :)

  2. Hi Eva,

    Thankfully an outlet like a blog keeps me sane!

    And I totally agree, simplicity is way underrated!

    Hope everything is well with you too! Your recipes look delicious!