21 November 2011

Days 4, 5, 6 and 7: 30 for 30

30 for 30 week update: Well. I made it. One whole week down. I surprised myself, I thought of some new combinations that I don't usually wear (I know this because I always wear some of my favorite pieces together). It got a little tricky at the end when I needed to do laundry and get errands done (I might have worn the same t-shirt twice in a row).

So far I have found that 30 pieces is plenty to get through a week, but I am missing some of my favorite pieces. I could easily see this going to 60 pieces and relying solely on those. I do like that my closet isn't so stuffed that I need to shove things around to get more clothes in. It's nice to wake up in the morning, have a few options, pick out something I love and feel comfortable all day. There is nothing worse then picking out an outfit because you feel like you bought something uncomfortable yet feel like you should wear it at least once ( I speak from lots of experience).

So here's the rest of the week recap:

 Friday- At my office we reserve the right to wear jeans. Some people think jeans are ok every day but I prefer to save them until the end of week in order to have something to look forward too. So, starring in Friday's role is flare jeans, my orange sweater and a black t-shirt. I must say, this is one of my go to outfits that I love to wear. The sweater is very warn in. I think its one of the pieces I would like to replace after my 30 days are up. It's getting faded and piling.

Saturday- Although it was one of those sleep until 9, drink coffee until 11 am kind of days, I did have to run out and get some things done (the Christmas rush is on!). I put together one of my favorite stripped black & white shirt, flare jeans, and some bracelets. I went for comfort and even wore a pair of tennis shoes. I know, very mid-western of me but all that walking is hard in heels.

 Sunday- Um. Well, that 9 mile run on Saturday must have killed me, or else I am pathetic because I slept until 10:40 on Sunday. Not that sleeping in is bad, but a commitment to 11:30 Mass does make this a rushed morning. Some thing about rushing around in the morning is not appealing to me. I really don't like it. I have enough rushing by in life, I don't need my weekends to be fleeting too! Needless to say, the navy skirt, white shirt and black knitted sweater were the most easiest pieces to throw on (literately!).

Monday- Back to work! Ok, I have a thing for sweaters, and sweater vest fall into this category.
I went classic with my look for today. This shirt has appeared in a my challenge a few times so far.

Tuesday- I love this sweater. It's knitted and I love the pockets (I am a pocket fan too!). I got a little crazy and went with two necklaces (neck party?

I am especially proud of my no shopping for 30 days adventure. My husband has noted that I don't need another piece of clothing before and I am proud to tell him I am not shopping for 30 whole days! (This no shopping is going to affect my trip to NYC though. It will be difficult to resist!)

OK. Back to baking things.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


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